Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alternatives To The Toxic

I'm far from 'uber-green' in lifestyle
Yet I strive towards better choices

No matter where you reside
city, suburb or farm
there's equal opportunity to ponder
the effects of endless layers of chemical(s)
upon the land, the sea and all living beings.

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  Without fail each day upon the farm
amid bird and bee, drinking water that flows
directly from the land well & watching the crops rise
from the earth I am yearly more aware.
More aware of the close and abiding consequence
of each and every decision, choice, action taken
(or ignored).

That shared and said, I thought I'd pass on this link
While I can not vouch for the truth or safety of each suggestion
(and I was not asked to nor compensated in any way for sharing the link)
it strikes me as a 
good reference of alternative non-tox cleaning uses for
baking soda. A wide array of versatile enviro-friendly applications and
as an added bonus baking soda is much more cost effective
than commercial cleaners.

No doubt I won't immediately (if ever) employ all 51 suggestions :-)
Yet I am equally certain any I do employ will be for the better.
Better for the water in the well, the bees, the veggies, the birds
 for me and each of my neighbors.....

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