How It Began

If you wonder, if you are curious you can search out the periodic touchstone posts that speak to when, why & how old house (the old girl as I call her) and I met and chose each other. Oddly enough, tho it's the core of the story, I don't write of it often or deeply.  The circumstances fate presented at that point in time, at that juncture in my life, were emotional and if I'm honest remain substantially ragged.

So how or why or how AND why does one write a blog about the story of acquiring and saving an old house while quasi-evading (mostly) the core story, the central circumstances of the start of the adventure? Seemingly it's crossed purposes, conflicted direction not to write more about it. Possibly. Or not. I know I'm it's quirky (something you'll grow accustomed to if you hang around here frequently, lol)

There are periodic additions of "she and I" posts ~ posts about us putting each other back together again bit by bit. Humpty-Dumpty style. Hard work, happy days, completed projects, silly events. Stories about life here with this old farmhouse. Stories about life as it now unfolds.

But for those of you who ask, (and for those of you who just wonder) I wanted to set out the link(s) to the few posts that will sort it out (a bit), to make the quest for those writings a bit less frustrating. That said, below you'll find the link(s) and I'll add to the list as other such posts evolve......

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