Saturday, December 22, 2012


This is perhaps one of the most touching visual metaphors
free of human tragedy or physical violence I've ever seen.
Haunting, heartwarming, truthful about timing
and inevitability.
It captures curiosity, memories, plans devised and dashed.
An offhanded time lapse documenting the best of us, we humans.
All along a NYC street.

I don't mind admitting to it made me smile
And it made me cry.
And it made me wish with all my heart that
the last few moments had happened a day earlier....
But most of all, this NYTimes Vids gift to me
was hope. Because in capturing it the author reminded me there's
good in humanity and in life at a time when that's very hard to
remember. Difficult to see. Each frame of image, each longing
reaching note of the background score touched my soul.
After all, HOPE is life raft of the battered heart....
It's the strength to move forward amid hopelessness and pain.
I wish for you, this season of Yule, a few contented notes
of music. A moment or two of happy memories. 
An unfettered minute of curiosity that you act upon with abandon.
(even on a city street)
I wish for you a dream that involves furniture dollies.
I wish for you the feeling of and trust in
amid these confounding and difficult times.
Warm holiday wishes to each of you who share my world here
I hope you somehow know how much your visits, comments, emails
add to MY days - thank you x many  :-) for finding the time to come here.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Heavy Hearts

There are so many
Heavy and broken hearts
New York
New Jersey
I can not think
What keeps the East Coast
From slipping into the sea
From the weight of the sadness
From the flow of tears...
I have no other words
I offer only tears shared.....

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Messages Are Where You Find Them (or they find you)!

You can't control the weather
You can adjust the set of your sails 
Years and years ago at I time when nothing seemed within my control, within my say I came across a sign. A simple plastic sign. A sailing ship on a rugged bit of sea, sails filled with wind, moving it forward.
The quote above  emblazoned across the bottom.
You know, one of those odd times when great truth is discovered in a truly unlikely place. Fate had a point to make. Something to tell me.
Fate is a clever (and strange) lady...
I stood, staring at this extruded plastic, made by the thousands, sold cheap, never to be seen on  an HGTV decorator show (lol) sort of sign. Within minutes it (this one of thousands) was mine. I hung it
where I could view it at least once every day. It's message from fate/karma/the universe to me arrived at a time when my heart and spirit were adrift. I desperately needed answers.
There it was, delivered in all its plastic glory.
It hangs still.
Always will.
Where I can see it at least once each day.

Because life  never becomes simple.
And I'll always be happiest if I remember I can choose to adjust
Adjust what I think, what I do, what I cease to do, the way I view things
I'd meant to tell you about this because, just possibly, its a message from fate that will help you too.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thankfulness And Expectations

The word, the concept and the holiday.
Each are seemingly straightforward (one would think).
One would be wrong.
Because amid the gray Thursdays, black Fridays, cyber Mondays and Plaid Saturdays
I put forward the possibility that we've grown a bit lost. And not only on
There's no part of me that doesn't enjoy shopping, lol
For food or fun or vintage or material or (fill in the blank, lol)
And yet....and yet...
I can't escape the sound of chewing upon on the edge of my mind that says
"what about what you already HAVE"?
It seems endemic that the moment we 'have it' (whatever it may be)
it's counted as a given, irrevocable, permanent. No need to be
thankful for things one already possesses...Or is there?
Isn't that one of the foundation stones of Thanksgiving? Of life?
Life has shared with me that one of her profound truths is the transitory nature of everything.
Life itself, possessions, dreams, hopes, failure, success, power, health, weakness.
All things change, alter.
Yet it's so common within our society to expect what we have will remain the same.
One of the astounding, ever-present, beautiful and 'oft distressing aspects
of farm life is the dynamic day to day illustration precisely how life alters, changes.
Crops grow. Crops fail. Animals live and die. Hawks soar, animals they overfly become dinner. Winter snow and Summer rains become water in the well to sustain life for all on the farm.
There are times things go wrong. Things change.
Not enough water, not enough sun. Animal illness. Human illness. Insufficient firewood. It's perhaps easier to remain in touch here on this land,  depending upon nature and chance to see the truth that food, warmth, ease and contentment are not a 'given', not secured. Not permanent. Not by any amount of work or money or intention or hope. There are times things go wrong.
Those thoughts, the realities that I see all thru the year instigated the chewing, the wondering at the edges of my mind if it isn't important on Thanksgiving (and every day) to be thankful for the things we oh-so-casually are inclined to think of as permanent.
Because permanent is a word and an illusion, but is rarely if ever a truth or a fact.
I have never been desperately hungry or cold.
I have never been without decent clothing.
I have never been without a shower or tub.
I've never faced war or personal violence.
I have, thus far, had more to be thankful for
 than I tend to think of as often or deeply as I should.
I shouldn't think of any of these (or my other comforts and joys)
as permanent, as irrevokable as unchangeable, should I?
What I desire, what I seek can overshadow or eclipse
what I have if I don't pay attention.
Hey, I don't believe gray, black, cyber and plaid days can't coexist with thankfulness. I simply plan to remind myself things are not the foundation of Thanksgiving, nor of happiness, nor of life.