Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Archers's Paradox ~ Life Lessons

The Archer's Paradox -
You Can't Hit A Target By Aiming At It


 I couldn't sleep. There was less than nothing on television aside from the violent or sophomoric. Scanning the channels I stumbled upon a documentary discussing Medieval life. 


If you've read here often, you know I've always believed the universe delivers lessons, insights, strength, direction. That's what the universe (fate) is responsible for. Our contribution is to be aware. To notice, to find the message(s) arrival within the not-necessarily-obvious envelope. Often via a curious or unlikely courier. 


One of the topics within the documentary was the archer's paradox. Basically it refers to the fact  when leaving the bow the arrow initially flies bending left and right in a snakelike fashion. This continually decreases until ultimately the arrow flies straight and true. 


The skilled challenge for the ancient archer was calculating  distance or their aim toward the target. It wasn't as simple as draw the arrow, aim directly and hit the target.  
(Aka sometimes, the way to strike your target is by
not pointing directly towards it).


So there I found myself sitting on the couch. In the wee hours of the night. The time of night when all things seem the worst. When wolves howl and when panic propagates. 


In that moment it seemed one of the lessons life had delivered (via a documentary) was the Archer's Paradox


Learn how to offset. Consider adjusting your calculation(s).
Understand that the target is not necessarily struck by the obvious
logical approach of aiming directly towards its center. The path isn't necessarily obvious nor direct.


Paradox noted. 


And whilst I ponder both the content
(and the curious delivery) of this message 
from life,
about life
I thought I'd share it with you.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hugging You Back

Thank you so much for cyber-ly
'being there' for me....

I couldn't possibly find a way to tell each of you how much your
comments, emails, cyber-hugs and support have encouraged and

I am overwhelmed, I am touched. 

I wish you could somehow know
the difference made (and continues to make)
having your thoughts, your kindness, your concern
 at my side.

I will, no matter how long it takes, be in touch via email 
with each of you, my old friends, who've commented/emailed.
Those of you who I've grown to know, to trust since my
very first post here......

To anyone newly visiting, please know your thoughtful
kindness means very (very) much as well....

Thank you thank you thank you all

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Difficult Times In the Kingdom

There are times that are challenging
There a points when you simply need to push harder
Sometimes things simply refuse to go the way you'd prefer
Such is the way of life
No big deal
Then there are those times, those sorts of situations
Those things that life sets upon your doorstep
That you know could bend you to breaking

The sort of assault upon the kingdom
Of your heart, strength, soul and being
That test and tear and terrorize 
As you defend, wearily
Against the uncontrollable

Outcome pending, to be determined

No, these are not happy times in the kingdom

Still, I'm not alone
I am one of many (many many) of you
Step by step and heartbeat
One breath, one hope
One moment to the next

Sooner or later
All storms pass
All things change
Some for better, some for worse
Some for both

The world IS flat to the view of our eyes
But is, in reality, round
"There Be Dragons" remains as true today
As it was in ancient times.
But there also be sunny fields, calm woods
Better times


The only course (as Hannibal once said)
Aut viam invenium, aut faciam
(Is to find a way, a path or to create one)
A path, a way
Around the corners of the earth
Past the dragons

March up the center
Of the uncontrollable times of life

There you have it

So, if I seem more absent than normal
Wing a good hope my way, an email if you like
And I'll be in touch as I'm able