Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One of the things I've been working on.....

Only a tease of a hint of just one of many things
happening this week!
I know, I know, mean eh? lol

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Bit More Paint In Place!

My heartfelt thanks to each of you who've
adopted treasure a la Etsy or Flickr or in person, lol (you know who you are, lol)
Each and every dollar has gone towards paint for the old girl (house)
and advil (for me)!  :-) 

She (old house) and I have many clapboards and gallons still to go....
But thank you for your oh-so-appreciated treasure-adoptions!
Old house and I hope you continue to hunt treasure with us which will = more paint
(I'll keep adding more items from the barn to tempt & amuse you)
And anything that wins your heart, anything you adopt for your home
will immediately morph into more gallons of 'pretty' for the old girl - yay!

**Tho I may be buried with paint cans at my feet
and a paint brush in my hand
I will not rest, I will not falter, I will not run out of advil or heatpacks
until old house is restored to gleaming white stately beauty again!***
(don't mind me - I must be channeling a bit of Scarlet O'Hara, roflmao)

For those who have endured followed my saga of scraping, ladder climbing, priming/painting
(tho I see I haven't added any of the pictures of pre-post scraping - probably not very interesting)
I thought you would like to see a bit of the progress!
(sans a picture of the pile of advil bottles...)
On the left of the picture group you see some of the newly applied beauty....

Also in the pictures are my clever way of propping open the
kitchen window (all the sash cords & weights were long gone when I met her)
So, each window thus far has received a newly fashioned hi-tech 1x1 stick..
Very old world, very simple to operate, lol (very cheap!)
But I haven't gotten one cut and stained for the kitchen window yet  :-)
The old girl has a wall of beautiful built in cabinets I don't think I've shown you
(squeeeeeeee!) so there's a pic of those.

And two random 'round the farm pictures
PS Have you seeen the new hydrangea teacup a la Etsy?
(shameless painter-exhaustion-empty-paint-can-need-more-paint-outburst, sorry)
Without further delay, the images of the day!
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Signs of Fall At The Farm

Fall raises subtle flags that she's arrived
Aside from cool
And crimson glow......

A puffy-fuzzy-pillar seeking shelter
Still trying, while drying hydrangeas
Leaf covered wellies shed at the door
Kitchen scale on the ready for last lingering tomatoes

Yes, she's declaring her arrival!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Have You EVER Seen?

This just in!
Linda kindly took the time to share info
on this curious item of mine - thank you Linda!
Linda ★ Parker's Paradise  

Having been a HeadStart teacher for well over 20 years,
I recognize these as 'helper' scissors.
When teaching 3-4 year olds to cut on a line, the teacher uses
the outside pair of holes and the child, the inside pair.
Guide the little hand along the line!
It really does work!
Hope this fact makes you smile! :)

There are those moments
Those moments when you come across something
Something so interesting, so odd, so curious
That you feel certain you'll fall to the ground whining
If you can't make it yours?! lol
I came across an item
of that caliber
over the long weekend
Just too neat
In the decades I've spent barn crawling, attic rambling,
basement seeking, flea-marketing, roadside-rangling
(akin to dumpster diving but sans the dumpsters - ick!)
I have neverrrr evveeerrrrr seen shears like these!
And RED!
Any idea what these were used for, why they were designed this way?
I'm ever so intensely fascinated - would love hear any insights!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Damp And Cold

Damp and cold
Fall rains unfold
Against her ancient glass

The droplets dance
Try to romance
Old clapboards, plaster, lathe

Lace curtains long
For field winds' song
Now barred by cold wet days

Old house and I
Steam tea, slice pie
And welcome Falls' embrace 
(Ponderings by Isabella 9/2011)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sneak Peek (New On Etsy)

Prim Bonnet (Repro) Brown Gingham Bonnet
Vintage Wood handled chopper
Collapsable Travel Cup - Neat STAR top
(all on etsy)
PS Any blog buddies who purchase a la etsy
(anytime not just these items)
will receive a little surprise extra in their parcel :-)

Monday, September 5, 2011

A rainy day (oink)

There are days to work hard. 

There are days to putter about - with busy but not complicated work.

Today was one of the putter-about days. Rain, intense at times, yet without the rolling thunder that you feel in your person, without the lightning that demands turn your gaze towards!  Steady endless silently falling rain. Cool temps. Exactly the sort of day that whispers 'fall cleaning'.

One of the goals on my list for the day was to clean the french white pieces I have atop my kitchen cabinets. Each is unique, each with flowing lines and details that entice the eye without color aside from white. Casserole dishes masquerading as goose and duck, roasting dish as rabbit. Juice and milk pitchers embellished with rows of grooves and arching handles. Simple, white, elegant, curious, useful. All except one. That would be 'pig'.  He has no purpose but to be himself. And he accomplished that with great flair, lol.  He's not a casserole, nor a roaster.  He holds nothing nor pours. He simply is. And I adore him in all his personality filled function-less-ness, lol.

When it's time to wash the french white. I whine a bit - so many trips up and down the step ladder. When the task is complete it looks wonderful. But the doing - groan. That's why I always leave 'pig' for last.  Toweling him down always (ALWAYS) makes me smile......

Have a look at these random pictures of the day ~ I'm hoping pig brings you a smile too ....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The August Giveaway Winner Is.......

Putting all the entries for followers
and all the entries for August comments
Into my adored Prim Mixing Bowl
I closed my eyes, spun round three times
and chose the winner
(tho I couldn't read it till my head stopped spinning, lol
next time I may skip the three times round spin :-)

The winner found upon the folded paper:

Ravenwood Whimzies!
click above to visit her warm and welcoming blog
Congrats on winning the August surprise drawing Wendy!!

My humble August 'Surprise' Drawing Included
A Joan Kessler Fabric Remnant (44 in x 20 in)
I adore the pattern - the background is old fashioned blue & white
ticking and is overlayed with oldtime seedpackets
flowers and bees buzzing hither and thither
(as bees are wont to do) 
Also several feet of delicate lace trim
And a vintage album for 'snaps' or poems or anything
dear to the heart for safekeeping!
My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you
who followed, chatted thru comments, sent emails
Gosh what fun it was and is to have met you all!
Already your comments and insights have
led me down fascinating paths of thought!
Conversations greatly enjoyed.
My hope is that you depart my pages when you
visit with a thought, a smile, an idea that adds to your day
as you add to mine.....
My thanks again to
for the kind care she took to
share this humble little giveaway of mine!

Wendy I've emailed you - send me your addy
and I hope ever-so that you'll enjoy
these August Surprises from me to thee.....

Friday, September 2, 2011


Blogger keeps eating or losing or something-ing
the drawing prize picture! Argh!
It just won't do to announce the winner
without being able to show what she won!

So don't give up on me
If blogger won't cooperate with me soon
I'll post the pic elsewhere and provide a link
(just not my fav option)

Pout pout pout