Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Such a kind gesture!

It was so lovely of
to mention my August giveaway....
And to send new visitors towards my farm
Kindness is one of the treasures of life
Thank you Amy!

And to everyone who has found their way here from
Amys' wonderful blog WELCOME!
(for anyone who hasn't visited bumble bee lane, go! You'll love it!)

Some Random Pictures

I honestly don't know how I survived
(or how many beautiful moments I missed)
before digital photography!

I began taking pictures seriously when:
tripods & high speed film (no 'action' setting lol) prevented blurs.
When light meters were essential
When bad photos on printed paper elicited a a sad sigh of 'oh well'.
When there was no such thing as 'overnight/while you wait' developing.
No personal photo editing - that was for professional photographers
(and how I envied them - limited by todays standards - but still....)
I remember the absolute magic of Polaroid
(raise your hand if you remember the swinger camera?!)
I fell in love with 'freezing time' in photos back when new cameras
had flashbars bars of flashbulbs - and oh gosh, remember flash CUBES?

I confess, I fell under the magical spell of photography long ago. 
So I am giddy at the volume and beauty, the quality and quantity of pictures
I can now capture without having to sell blood to pay for the film & processing.

You can easily imagine, I have far too many photos, gleefully capturing
images by the thousands. Weeks of time disappear to editing and such.
I do my best to resist over-exposing (hey a photography pun, lol) you
to my obsession with pictures, really, I do

But these moments, views, memories~captured are a significant part of me
so they weave their way into posts and at times are the post itself...
I hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just one more day to join in!


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What's a woman to do with her antique purses?

My office door

So is this 'antique purse decor' clever or crazy? lol
I'd love to know what you think
yea or nay?
 (really,  your honest thoughts are welcome and appreciated!)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Amazingly Productive Weeks!

Since the last time we chatted  :-)
MUCH has been accomplished!

Hydrangeas have bloomed in profusion (the first time ever - yay!)

MASSIVE furniture REarranging has been completed (several rooms worth).

Paint priming of the old girl continues (between the seemingly endless rain - tho wet is better than drought - without any doubt)!  The grass and the plants adore the rain, it's only the paint that objects...
New things have been added to the
Big Red Barn Shop in the time that
has elapsed since my last post too.

Soooo much forward momentum is exhilarating, lol
Arriving at a moment in time when you stop, look and realize you can
SEE the progress derived from all the "process" you've
been dedicated to is wonderful....

There's still a fretful distance more to go on the painting goal
that I set for the old girl this season. But still. She's looking better.
And isn't there something heartwarming about finding the
for pieces of furniture you've had (and loved) forever ....

I also had a funny odd thought that led to an unexpected project
that created an entire new look in the kitchen!
But alas that will have to wait for another post with pictures.

Till then, thanks for stopping by and for your emails - you've made
me (and the old girl) feel so welcome!

Don't forget :-)
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Please DO feel free to comment or email - I SO enjoy chatting with each of you...
Sharing old house or decorating or garden (or whatever!) stories.