To adopt from the barn offerings...

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 Big Red Barn Treasures From My Quests!

Old house and I have an understanding - she needed & needs a lot of things. She likes prizes. She likes SURprises. She loves things that are old (like her). She's got a soft heart for most anything broken or homeless but with heart and soul. She's also fallen for things that are new but 'speak of old' or are new but fun!

Me too.

So I bring a lot of useful, sad, beautiful, clever, interesting, 'new with heart or fun', old, cleverly reproduced replicas, discards with hope and soul home to her. She and I ponder. She and I sort, clean, repair, daydream, imagine, create.

But she and I don't seem to know when to stop (volume wise)

And then there are times when she and I think something will be PERFECT - but we're wrong (imagine that?!!!)

So pre-repair, pre-paint, pre-where-it-will-go AND post not quite right 'oops' treasure makes its way to The Big Red Barn attic and to HER attic.

Some things need a new home, a new tinker-er. That's where YOU come in - if you can give love to any of the things I can't old house and I will be ever-s0-grateful because no neat thing old or new should go unloved. And if some things don't find homes I can't bring home more, gasp! (lol I do have to leave a little room in the barn attic/loft)....

THE ETSY SHOP IS OPEN! Most things will seek homes a la ETSY (just click on the ETSY before this note in parenthesis OR click on the ETSY mini on the right of the main blog page to view the current temptations, lol) Etsy is easy peasy standard online shopping. 

Sometimes I offer little treasures here on the blog - first email with MINE! and item name in the subject line will be the offical 'new mom' of the item, lol

Shipping is never more than what it costs for me to get it from here to you as close as I can calculate it!

No handling and I often use recycled boxes & newspaper to ship (not pretty but cost effective). MOST items  ship for  5.00 - 11.00 But if it's any less to ship than what you paid for an item from The Blog or Etsy I'll IMMEDIATELY refund the difference! Promise!

OR if you'd like to send me your zip code and the item of interest (on Etsy or seen here) I'll get a much more accurate shipping estimate for you before you decide to purchase. If the shipping cost is more than amuses you I'll simply remove the 'sold' note on the item, no harm done! I wish I could offer a more standardized shipping BUT I don't want small/light parcels to cost more than they need to ~ nor do I want to have big/heavy mailings cost more than than I'm able to 'guess-timate'. Hope you know I'm not trying to complicate postage fees but rather trying to make them work fairly for everyone!

What else....

I ship primarily to US destinations - that being said if you're outside the US and fall in love with a small item email me and we'll chat. Depending on the item and other factors I may be able/willing to ship to other countries - tho I reserve final decision... I have in the past on rare occasion set that rule aside depending on the country, item size, item value etc.  It never hurts to ask....  I mail items USPS first class. I accept paypal for payments. If you're not happy with ANYthing return it to me in the same shape I sent it out to you and I'll refund your original cost for the item sans shipping.

I promise you my pictures and descriptions and any info are honest and true. Things that follow me home are old, they need love. That's why they're special. New items will clearly share the fact they are new.

***Nothing I sell (Etsy or via blog) is approved for contact or use by/of/for children...*

If you want to know when new treasures are available, email me at to get early notice by email.

Oh NY sales have to remit sales tax - just the rule/law- :-(

Guess that's everything I can think of for now!

If you have ANY questions - or just want to chat - email me!