Thursday, November 28, 2013

What I Found

In a tiny little town
That is "out of the way"
I found again what matters
On Thanksgiving 
(and each day)

It's a town that still grows clover
And corn and squash and beans
And most everyone is honest
And it's frowned on to be mean

There's no Walmart, there's no Kmart
But there is a hardware store
Where at Fall they put out apples
"TAKE ONE" says the sign right by the door
People listen when you speak to them
And expect the same from you
And we all learn from each other
As we ponder what to do
No one dresses 'fancy'
No one much cares what what you drive
Most talk is of tractors
Who needs help, who's sick, who's died

You'll still see 'leave a message' boards
On porches worn and faded
Sometimes is left some soup, a coat
That's well appreciated

Most of all I found again
The best of what was me
And I'm learning how to share it
And what 'giving' gives to me....

In a tiny little sleepy town
That history forgot
I found again what matters
 And remembered what does not
By Issy 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you
and I hope you know joy today
(and a little every other day too)
Thank you for sharing my odd little world  :-)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Triumph, The Tragedy Of Laurent Schwebel

Photograph By Nature Photographer Laurent Schwebel
Photography, both the viewing and capturing, is something that one loves or one cares little for - it is seldom I've found any reaction inbetween. I am of the former category, drawn to light, to subject, to final image and the emotion (even at times the profound message) captured by a single photograph.

I've taken thousands of photographs in the years since I first held a camera and the process draws me endlessly to itself. I never tire of seeing, seeking, random discovery, set up or chance gift of a remarkable photograph at the hand of nature or circumstance.

French photographer Laurent Schwebel, a masterful photographer who captured some of the most evocative, remarkable, emotional images I've ever seen (in particular nature shots) inspired me. You can view a brief yet impressive selection of his work HERE (wait just a moment for the first image to appear).  Or via his flicker compendium of some of his work  HERE.

          I was heartbroken to hear recently of 
his senseless loss in February of 2012. 

"A French photographer was stabbed to death this morning 
in a city neighborhood of Buenos Aires
  after thieves tried to steal his camera 
while he was walking in the area"

His work remains. 
How I will miss seeing (and feeling) what more there could have been.....

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It Takes A Village

Photo by Issy 2013
I snapped this picture on a Fall Day in October
These little guys caught my eye  as I sat, having coffee outside
It struck me that I am always rushing, pushing, 'accomplishing'
(and by doing so, 'missing' a lot of the point of life)
They (the bird village) seemed to be trying to remind me to stop
To look, to listen
To just be for a few moments...

I accepted their invitation
I sat with them awhile, taking in the sun 
(a good way to begin the day)

Monday, November 11, 2013

With Thanks, With Respect Vetrans Day

I knew many who served in Vietnam. I knew many who served in WWII and Korea. I know some who have and continue to serve in the current wars. I have know some who have given the unimaginable ~ their very life & with that sacrifice, part of the hearts of those who loved them was also lost.  I have and do know of some who lived/live on with physical wounds from the wars. Some who lived/live with 'invisible' wounds from the visions and sounds they can never escape, etched on their minds forever.

We each have our own view of the worth, the value of war. The politics, the outcome aside there are two things I believe:

* These men and women and their families and friends set their own safety and happiness aside for a greater good. Agree or not with the action or war, location or outcome the decision to give your all for the betterment of something beside yourself is IMO impressive. I couldn't do it. I respect, greatly, such self sacrifice.

*I am certain that in the course of all the wars/actions/intercessions pursued by our military there have been and are circumstances (perhaps some we will never know of) that the freedoms we have in this country were protected from those who would have taken them without those who stood, fought, suffered, died, were forever changed to prevent, to protect these freedoms. Choices. Liberty.

We can agree or disagree on any given war, any aspect of military or the cost. But what I hope every veterans day is that each of us will if not honor, at the very least we will respect the courage, conviction, and sacrifice of the past and current military who give more than most of us will, would or could.

Speaking for myself, I thank each and every one of you who serve for choosing, giving, living thru and perhaps even dying for the belief in the country, the greater good. Thank you indeed.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween At The Farm (Slideshow Experiment)

An experiment - a slideshow I created to 
(I hope!) share with you here. Images are
intended to scroll left to right at 3 second intervals...

I'd love to hear if :
*it works for you in terms of loading/viewing/quality
*you enjoy the slideshow format for seeing multiple images
*and any other suggestions (+ or -) you have to offer
I learn from both cheers and jeers lol

Enjoy this first effort of combined
Images of Halloween Decor
Amid Fall walkabout images
Here at the farm