Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Triumph, The Tragedy Of Laurent Schwebel

Photograph By Nature Photographer Laurent Schwebel
Photography, both the viewing and capturing, is something that one loves or one cares little for - it is seldom I've found any reaction inbetween. I am of the former category, drawn to light, to subject, to final image and the emotion (even at times the profound message) captured by a single photograph.

I've taken thousands of photographs in the years since I first held a camera and the process draws me endlessly to itself. I never tire of seeing, seeking, random discovery, set up or chance gift of a remarkable photograph at the hand of nature or circumstance.

French photographer Laurent Schwebel, a masterful photographer who captured some of the most evocative, remarkable, emotional images I've ever seen (in particular nature shots) inspired me. You can view a brief yet impressive selection of his work HERE (wait just a moment for the first image to appear).  Or via his flicker compendium of some of his work  HERE.

          I was heartbroken to hear recently of 
his senseless loss in February of 2012. 

"A French photographer was stabbed to death this morning 
in a city neighborhood of Buenos Aires
  after thieves tried to steal his camera 
while he was walking in the area"

His work remains. 
How I will miss seeing (and feeling) what more there could have been.....


Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, what beautiful work he did!! A good photograph can be magical, as his gallery showed. I simply gasped when the ant and the water droplet popped up.

Michelle said...

So senseless. Lovely that we can still enjoy his work.