Thursday, November 28, 2013

What I Found

In a tiny little town
That is "out of the way"
I found again what matters
On Thanksgiving 
(and each day)

It's a town that still grows clover
And corn and squash and beans
And most everyone is honest
And it's frowned on to be mean

There's no Walmart, there's no Kmart
But there is a hardware store
Where at Fall they put out apples
"TAKE ONE" says the sign right by the door
People listen when you speak to them
And expect the same from you
And we all learn from each other
As we ponder what to do
No one dresses 'fancy'
No one much cares what what you drive
Most talk is of tractors
Who needs help, who's sick, who's died

You'll still see 'leave a message' boards
On porches worn and faded
Sometimes is left some soup, a coat
That's well appreciated

Most of all I found again
The best of what was me
And I'm learning how to share it
And what 'giving' gives to me....

In a tiny little sleepy town
That history forgot
I found again what matters
 And remembered what does not
By Issy 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you
and I hope you know joy today
(and a little every other day too)
Thank you for sharing my odd little world  :-)


Michelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kim said...

Happy Thanksgiving Issy. Your little town sounds lovely. I will never be a city girl. You can't beat the warmth of a small town.

BumbleBeeLane said...

We live in one of those towns Happy Turkey Day Issy! Amy

gracie said...

What a lovely town.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Sounds like a great place to live, frankly. Glad you're feeling part of it. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.