Friday, March 27, 2015

Jon Katz ~ Seeing for Himself ~ West Wind Acres Farm

Jon Katz shares his visit to West Wind Acres Farm

If you have not read any the books written by Jon Katz (sold by his very local bookstore) I would say you should.  If you have never visited his blog, I would say please do.

He is someone I respect. He is open and honest. He suffers no fools yet remains welcoming to the thoughts and words of all who understand (and respect) the line between disagreement and intolerance.

He shares the story of his life, his farm, his animals, the beautiful creations by his artist wife Maria. He shares photographs, snippets of life, the reality of small farm life. His thoughts,images and insights far more often than not ring true in my mind. As a  published writer and past journalist he weaves words, tells stories. He windows the events that speak to him as they unfold.

Above all, he forms his own opinions.  With that said, I would like to share a link to his post that details his recent visit with Joshua Rockwood  at West Wind Acres Farm (with appreciation, thanks and full credit to Mr Katz).

After you've read the linked post about his visit to West Wind spend some time at the other pages of his blog Bedlam Farm. I'm betting you won't be disappointed, in fact I suspect you'll return to visit his words again (and again).

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Farm Animals All Animals And The Law

I'm at a juncture in life right now that is  (mostly) comprised of one foot in front of another.I am (if you know me - and I am, even if  you don't know me) not a person to be political or stir the pot for the sake of drama. But am one who will speak my heart.....

This event is about farm animals, VERY small farms, good and bad people, situations and freedoms.

There are so very many people who love animals. All animals. There are established farmers. There are new and learning farmers - small animal and/or planters. There are people who honestly don't know what farm animals need because they are unfamiliar with them. There are people who are cruel to animals. There are people who are learning to take good/better care of animals (it's a bit like being a mother I think - you don't know the best ways to do it all at once - you grow proficient with time, with experience). There are people who think things should be done their way because they know "what is best" based on what information they have. There are those who don't believe in consuming meat. There are those who know 'food' only from a parking lot big box store. There are people who are inclined to react on emotion only, before facts are found, before questions are asked. There are people who don't think things all the way thru before they take action.  There are people who act upon misinformation.  There are people who seem to be, simply, bent on being destructive. All are part of the story.

There are people and animals who have lives that hang in the balance related to the mindset of all these various kinds of people.

I respect all opinions aside from those that don't consider vetted (no pun) opinions, circumstances. Such as winter, history, animal condition. Emotion is human, but decisions must be driven by fact, freedom, open discussion. I believe the one bringing complaint should be held as responsible to bring proof, to be as accountable for unsubstantiated claim as those he claims are deficient if found to be wrong.

Inquiry should be open handed - not as tho guilt is a given. Punishment should not be enacted prior to investigation.  The animals, the humans, the community all need to be considered and heard.

It's horrific and unacceptable to me that animals are EVER mistreated. It's equally horrific that good people behaving honorably could be destroyed by misinformation, misunderstanding or worse the possibility of malice. The current systems of inquiry in this country need some very very very serious evaluation....

All that being said, here is the link to the Westwind Farms story.
No matter what you may feel is right or wrong in action and outcome, I hope you will consider the truth that any farmer (or person) deserves the opportunity to defend themselves without the potential loss of their farm due to legal fees and loss of income costs. If you agree, here is the link to help.

And if you see fit, please share this story.  I fear dogs, cats, parakeets may be next...

More later.....

Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's been such a very long time

It's been a very (very, very) long time since I was last here.
The kingdom has suffered loss that made my world a 
Painful place to be - not withstanding the decades of love shared - before the loss...

I confess to significant avoidance and perhaps outright hiding
Whilst seeking comfort wherever it could be found
I admit I've missed SO much in each of your worlds
  I hope to return to reading & commenting with each of you
And writing again here
(or soon-ish-ly)

Till then, don't give up on me 
(at least not totally).....