Saturday, March 29, 2014

Friends, Soon To Arrive...

I've missed each and every one.
Color and shape.
Warm and gentle.
Windows filled with happiness...

Thanks to everyone who's written to check on me
There's a lot happening right now - some for sharing here
(and some not)
But it means so much to be 'checked on'

So don't give up on me - images and stories and thoughts to share
when time allows a bit more wiggle room to write...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

It Was A Dark & Stormy Nite (Really)

 This was one of the largest storms I can recall.
It left behind 16 ~ 17 inches of snow and a lot of sleepless hours.
Trees bowing, wind roaring, heart pounding intensity.

Storms are stressful in any setting, but I'd wager that there's
A ferocity to such storms in the total black darkness of farmlands
Different from the city or suburbs. No hints of light, no hum of traffic. 
It is (I imagine) much like it would be to ride out a storm at sea in the nite
(sans the water)
Not for the weak-of-heart....

Living in the country, on farmland, amid endless fields, trees, in a creaking old house
Is a choice I made and not one I regret. But there are times it tests you - body and soul...
The nite magnifies every fear, every worry. It brings to mind every single thing you 
didn't do yet, meant to do, should have done, is on  your list

Buckets of water stand at hand
Alternate heat is going (or ready to go) 

The hands on the clock stall as the wind builds.  The snow enters every
Ancient crack and corner it can find
Tho I know it's not possible I swear the darkness grows darker

The old girl rides it out, as she has for over 150 years
She's not worried ~ she's seen it all (and more) before
The old barn creaks, the trees moan
Morning comes

A damage assessment walkabout shows little needing attention
Time to clean up, restock, and make ready for the next thrashing.
All the while, daydreaming of Spring....

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Reason Is, Simply, "Because"

Last nite I was watching (gosh, don't judge, roflmao) Dance Moms 
because I remain fascinated with the fluidity, the movement, the emotion 
dancers are able to convey with movement and facial expression alone.

As a child and young adult I studied ballet - I was abysmal (perhaps even horrid lol)
but loved the look, the feel the magic and mystery of dance. 
Dance is ancient, one of the core paths of creative human expression.

I don't know why but I started to think about the 'why' of what drives each of us.

Those of science seek knowledge, answers.
Those of engineering seek efficiency, strength, stability. 
Those of medicine seek cures, comfort.
Archaeologists seek understanding of cultures, history.

I pondered what it is that those who seek the artistic search for?
The artists: of words, of fiber, of cloth, of glass, of clay, of music
Of dance, of song, of instruments, of story, of paint, 
Those of such passions, such callings. 
Those who capture the undeniable well inside them
That demands to be set free to the outer world
(even if no one is watching or cares).

Why do they seek? Why do they do what they do?
And it occurred to me I have never known (no do I myself) 
Create for any reason I can perceive other than 


They simply want to, need to, have (or will learn) to resist is sadness and despair.
Creativity (in endless form) springs up, wells up, fills to overflowing and demands (only) release... 

Shared it multiplies, nurtured it flourished, honored it strengthens. 
Even held secret, it restores the one who cares for it within themselves.

Still as to 'why'?
I believe the reason isn't for outcome or goal
I think, rather the reason is



*dance, sing, sew, bead, write, paint, garden, ______ (fill in your calling)*
Honor your gift, alone or shared, honor your gift


Friday, March 7, 2014

Time To Leave, Dear (not!) 2013/2014 Winter!

Table courtesy of accuweather website

Oh, yes, it's time for you, your (endless) snow, minus temps and blowing winds to GO.....