Saturday, October 29, 2011

AI Anyone?

If you are intrigued by
(as I admit I am) the application
and interaction of tech advances
in this case Iphones' AI then
will amuse.....
*hat tip to the programmers at Apple for
humor and ingenuity, lol*
~ hat tip to the singer Jonathan Mann for the concept of the SIRI duet~
~After all, being able to work from the old girl depends upon cyber-ness~
Growing food, the 'someday' chickens and red barn etsy all (oddly) co-exist...

As the saying goes
"Ain't life strange"?!?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Sometimes I Sit And Think
Sometimes I Sit And Dream
The Best Days
The Days
I Do Both

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A teeny tiny late-ish start to Halloween Decor

Oh my! How can Halloween be just around the corner?!?  I, once again find I empathize and identify with the Rabbit of Alice In Wonderland (aka I'm late, I'm late for {yet another} date)!  But it won't impair the enjoyment of the pieces I do manage to place in the remaining days counting down to Halloween - no not one little bit!  It's such good fun!

Thus far, only the mantle is dressed ~ but isn't he the cutest?!
Flanked by two traditional pumpkin pals seen in the top image
I believe it's a spookily cheerful little beginning!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tea a la a bit 'o the UK

This, well..... this is just one of those remarkably curious wrinkles of fate that is wonderful.  Found on a  recent treasure hunting trip ~ which, for me is every time I step foot out the door. It's like breathing for me.  I'm incapable of not looking, not seeing, things that are orphaned, about to be dumpstered. Add to that the facts that a) people know that of me b) people who don't know me seem to sense it. Put all those fiddly bits of information together and the fates seem to wind my path to the amazingly beautiful "things"....

This amazing collection was no exception to the way these things seek me out. Found in the back of an open shed, in one half of a study but very dusty box that originally held fruit shipped from Africa and covered with crumpled papers it appeared an empty box filled with discarded paper.  A bit of poking revealed a very old & time faded tag with a UK pounds price. Thru dust and damp and detritus I dug. This is what I eventually unearthed....
This image is, I'm guessing sans proper count, 1/3 of the total number of pieces.
It was 50 % ~ 'gotta-go' reduced.
It's older than the dirt it was covered in, lol
"The old girl" (aka farmhouse)  is pleased
She loves an old world tea in the dining room
with ancient cups, delicate sandwiches, cakes and scones!
Can't wait to research it, then see how much of it I can realistically fit
 into my tea-cessities collection cupboards
An enjoyable challenge without doubt!
Will any escape me to be adopted/shared?
Not if I can help it, lol - but cupboard space being what it is - we'll have to see! roflmao

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are You Ever Too Old?

 For A New Pair Of

 Polka-Dotted Fall Rain Boots?!!??
(Personally, as you see, I think not, lol)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The 'reveal' of the project lol

My last post gave a tease-view of my current and finally completed project
Without further delay, here's the reveal
(Wendy's right I do like to keep ya'll guessing)
(Robin's guess-comment had me laughing out loud :-)
Thanks for both your comments sweet ladies!
Now, may I present my
new/old kitchen table!
One of my beloved sewing machine bases & safety table glass
blended with antique chairs and comfy english floral cushions
to create (to my eye) a blanace of soft and hard textures
antique and contemporary components
wisked into a pleasing outcome....
(and after this project I felt entitled - if not deserving, lol - of a brew or two)!
Thanks for guessing-along-with-my-'what's she up to'-game!!