Saturday, October 29, 2011

AI Anyone?

If you are intrigued by
(as I admit I am) the application
and interaction of tech advances
in this case Iphones' AI then
will amuse.....
*hat tip to the programmers at Apple for
humor and ingenuity, lol*
~ hat tip to the singer Jonathan Mann for the concept of the SIRI duet~
~After all, being able to work from the old girl depends upon cyber-ness~
Growing food, the 'someday' chickens and red barn etsy all (oddly) co-exist...

As the saying goes
"Ain't life strange"?!?


TheCrankyCrow said...

42. I'm ok if you're ok.

Oh....that tickled my funny bone in places I didn't know were ticklish....

Thanks for sharing my friend...Smiles & Saturday Hugs ~ Robin

Woman Seeking Center said...

Hi Robin!

Gads that was/is funny isn't it?! I literally LOL'd when I watched it - and I'm still wondering about "42" :-)

My other fav reply was 'marriage isn't in my user agreement'....

Glad you enjoyed buddy - have a happy evening Hugs!