Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Old Wood Floors

When I first met old house she had a LOT (I should really put that in 24pt type, lol) of dirt and hidden beauty. In that order ~ dirt/hidden beauty!  Large sections of her floors were buried under modern lino. The roll lino was over stapled luaan (sp?) subfloor. Once those two covering (and hundreds and hundereds of staples) were removed the original wood was finally released.

And the original wood? I could see the age, the wear, the potential. But it had never been touched before it was covered (except for old paint - apparently at some point the floor had been considered nothing more than a drop cloth).  So her floors were, like the rest of her, sound but needing to be raised to the surface like sunken treasure....

I spent weeks and weeks pulling coverings, pulling staples, sanding. When I fell face down on the planks "the man" worked for weeks and weeks. Then we worked together on this room shown (and others) for just short of forever.

It was so worth the effort ~ and cost of Advil by the case ~ lol

These days it's the yearly waxing. I use bees wax (I love it on the wood floors)!

There's nothing
quite like seeing
these ancient
planks of wood,
cut long before
I was even born

Square nailed planks
that hold stories.....
echoes of
conversations I can only
gleaming in the sun....

I wonder who cut them?
I daydream of the people
who walked these floors
(generations of them)
before they came to be

I'm still saving up for a  proper floor polisher buffer****

****see the post 'fix~math' as to why I have yet to get aforementioned floor polisher/buffer, lol*

PS  I'm sizing the pics of TREASURES FOUND this late afternoon or evening - so if you've stopped back to see from my post Monday  :-)  it won't be too much longer till I have them up to see and share - Promise!

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