Monday, June 20, 2011

Giveaway & Big Sale at Big Old Red Barn Next Week!


I calculated how much paint the old girl needs
(a bazillion gallons)
THEN I calc'd how much that paint will cost....
and well, there's going to be
a Funds For Paint SALE
in the Big Red Barn Shop!
I thought it would be fun
to have
A  GIVEAWAY at the same time

The end of next week it'll all happen
(the last few days of June)
So be sure to check back
thru next week for details!

I have sooooo  many things to add to the The BRB offerings
and I have a way fun idea for the giveaway entry

PS I'm feeling lonely here in bloglandrambling, lol
So anyone who's a visible follower will receive an additonal 
chance to win the giveaway AND a preview notice for
the new BRB items  :-)
(just sayin' lol)

Now, I better get busy!

Double woot! roflmao...

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