Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hugging You Back

Thank you so much for cyber-ly
'being there' for me....

I couldn't possibly find a way to tell each of you how much your
comments, emails, cyber-hugs and support have encouraged and

I am overwhelmed, I am touched. 

I wish you could somehow know
the difference made (and continues to make)
having your thoughts, your kindness, your concern
 at my side.

I will, no matter how long it takes, be in touch via email 
with each of you, my old friends, who've commented/emailed.
Those of you who I've grown to know, to trust since my
very first post here......

To anyone newly visiting, please know your thoughtful
kindness means very (very) much as well....

Thank you thank you thank you all


BumbleBeeLane said...

More (((((HUGS))))) sent to you sweet friend. Heck girl I'll send them as long as you need them. Brighter days always ahead sometimes it's hard to get pasts the down pours though! Amy

gracie said...

I am glad that we can help you in any small way. So many, many time your posts have made my day.

thefarmfiles said...

Your kind, encouraging comments always mean so much to me. You are thoughtful and talented, and have the gift of lifting others up. Hang in there. I'll be sending good thoughts your way.


Bovey Belle said...

We all need friends to help us along life's path, with its many challenges. Sending positive thoughts.