Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Messages Are Where You Find Them (or they find you)!

You can't control the weather
You can adjust the set of your sails 
Years and years ago at I time when nothing seemed within my control, within my say I came across a sign. A simple plastic sign. A sailing ship on a rugged bit of sea, sails filled with wind, moving it forward.
The quote above  emblazoned across the bottom.
You know, one of those odd times when great truth is discovered in a truly unlikely place. Fate had a point to make. Something to tell me.
Fate is a clever (and strange) lady...
I stood, staring at this extruded plastic, made by the thousands, sold cheap, never to be seen on  an HGTV decorator show (lol) sort of sign. Within minutes it (this one of thousands) was mine. I hung it
where I could view it at least once every day. It's message from fate/karma/the universe to me arrived at a time when my heart and spirit were adrift. I desperately needed answers.
There it was, delivered in all its plastic glory.
It hangs still.
Always will.
Where I can see it at least once each day.

Because life  never becomes simple.
And I'll always be happiest if I remember I can choose to adjust
Adjust what I think, what I do, what I cease to do, the way I view things
I'd meant to tell you about this because, just possibly, its a message from fate that will help you too.


Florida Farm Girl said...

Yup, I sometimes need to be reminded that I have choices as to how to respond to things, even if I can't change the things.

Danielle said...

I have always loved that quote....I'm in the middle of some sail adjusting myself at the moment ;) Thanks for visiting my art blog Paper Dreams...I also have a photo blog....will put you in my Google Reader ;)