Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'd Meant to tell you #2

The other day
(I beg you not to query which or what
day it was for I'm I'm 'oft found unable to pin
the proper 'day-name to a given moment in time)
It's my favorite way for time to be - full yet unconfined....

So, the other day while pulling and preening images of the farm
which comprise the pages to the book of my life here I found this shot.
Tucked amid the curious & heartwarming & harsh & comforting &
the immediate of my now within
the ever-long-reaching timeline of the farm herself
I found this image.

It's an oddly angled shot of the farms' coffin door and her main door
A picture I took in the very early days after my arrival.
Odd. Not the finest composition nor quality.
 This image has filtered past my vision more times that I could recall
It's a simple unassuming shot
The other day, for reasons I have learned not to question
it had something to say.
Something to tell me
as it appeared yet again
as it hovered dutifully before me

It struck me as somehow different.
What I knew instinctively is that the image was no different than ever it has been.
What I've come to understand (because farm taught and I listened ~ eventually)
is that I have changed & with that I am able to see, to connect, to understand,
to grasp the message within this image...

What I'd meant to tell you is
that this picture so long ago captured
reminded me there are almost always
two doors to choose from

One door you may desire ~ the other not a bit
One may call to you, yet you find it locked
It may be you enter one door
only to exit from the door opposite
You could go in one door and exit from neither....

And there's even the possibility of
hovering between
the two doors
lost in evaluation
or frozen in fear
considering options
and outcomes
looking for some guarantee

Options require choices
Choices are 'oft neither simple nor clear
Evaluation and Fear should  not
Be confused, one for the other
This pictures's been patiently waiting
to tell me or perhaps remind me
of all of these things
And I'd meant to tell, to share, with you...

Text and Image by FIDF Copyright 2012

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TheCrankyCrow said...

Another thought-provoking post, my friend. I'm especially intrigued with the sentiment about evaluation and fear. I agree, they should not (but oft are) confused one for the other....And equally so, one can lead to the other, although I suspect it is evaluation that more oft leads to fear than the other way around.....You've given me food for thought - as usual....I would never go hungry in your company.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin