Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A fiddle, voices & words that transcend time

Tis a love song I share with you today
A love song I can well imagine
having resonated  within the walls
of my old girl in her one hundred & forty plus years

Times change, society wanders
but the depth of the heart
ah the the depth of love
alters never
Click Here for a direct link to the song in case the embedded image link below
doesn't work for you (a couple of people have had a bit of trouble with it - not sure why...)
Blackest Crow By The Showponies Band
(CD to be released Spring 2012)
Without doubt I will learn the tune and words to memory
and it will be heard within her walls in coming days...
(not as lovely in the singing, lol, but it will be sung)


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TheCrankyCrow said...

This, my dearest friend, pierces my heart and soul, and holds me captive. Thank you for sharing this with us....but I so need to find it....sooner rather than later! Once again you have touched my heart like no one else can....Hugs ~ Your Blackest Crow