Monday, May 28, 2012


Ponder not the right
Nor the wrong
Of conflict
Ponder not
Wars Long Gone
Or wars still ravaging
Good Souls
And those who love them

Think, rather, of the belief
The dedication
The sacrifice
Made for years their lives
Or made for eternity
By those who fought
By those who fight
By those who in each generation
Attempt to protect us all
From those who would
Harm us all

Ponder not the politics
The "agree" or "disagree"
Think rather and gently
Of what one must muster
From the core of the soul
To place the service to others
Over self, over family, over friends

Ponder the day those in service will have today
A day unlike ours filled with family, frivolity
Food, friends, comfort, contentment.

Think of those who wait in danger
Wait to again have such happy days
Think of those who never will.

I don't believe you must agree with war
In order to honor the courage, dedication and sacrifice
Given by those who step forward
On the behalf of others

So on this Memorial day
Lift a glass, or a corner of your heart
And speak a toast or whisper a hope for safety
To those who have served and survived
Tho ever changed by the service
And for those who served
And sacrificed everything....

Text by FIDF copyright 2012


Humble Heart Designs said...

A Beautiful Sentiment!

Woman Seeking Center said...

Thank you Humble Heart! And a warm welcome to you!