Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'd Meant To Tell You (the backstory)

It's a peculiar habit of mine
to think of
the one thing more 
I'd meant to tell you
after the fact

Invariably it occurs to me
at the exact moment I've just:
1) sent the email
2) hung up the phone*,
3) posted the blog entry
4) et al...

Peculiar, possibly endearing,
possibly annoying
but either way
something that's hard-wired into my being.
Hence it's seemingly appropriate there'd
eventually be a a blog tag and blog titles
that reflect and delineate
my quirk-related 'Oh! I meant to' bits
that wander into the station of my mind
 after the train has already pulled out

So, when you notice the title or tag
I'd meant to tell you # ___
 you now know the back story, lol
* I do actually remember when one
hung up the (corded) phone
as opposed to turning it off,
pushing the end call button
or placing the
handset back
in the charging stand
(with such admissions I admit
that I may indeed be inching my way
closer towards being classified as

older than the dinosaurs, lol)

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