Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Logger, A Beloved Tree, A Story

Have you learned of the curious and touching saga
of Frank Knight (a professional logger by trade)
and his heart~legacy elm?
Have you read of the decades he devoted
to protecting New England's tallest elm tree?
( a tree ancient and venerable at 217 years)

Have you heard their saga?

It is a study of
seemingly opposing sides
of a coin caring
for each other.

It is a lesson in dedication,
a lesson in defending
something dear to your heart.

It is a saga
written by the deeds of one man
and a single tree
that (it seems to me)
enriched the world by

And now that the final chapter
has been penned for them both
 the saga continues
 teaches still...

Mr Knight, in his way,
touched those who observed
his dedication
touched those who now honor him
and honor that which he 
so deeply cared for.

It's a simple, inspiring, lovely saga
a reminder to each of us
that we all hold seeds of inspiration.
Plant your seeds

Travel gently,
travel together
logger and elm....

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