Saturday, May 26, 2012

A bit 'o news!

Hello hello my cyber friends!
A quick bit of fun news...
I've created a new page on the blog.
I wanted to offer any of you interested
in peeking at my 'finds', my 'treasures for sale'
a first chance to see & perhaps adopt
some of my favorite finds
before they go to Etsy.

Truth be told I'd love having any of my little rescue items
or my supplies or the few of the items I create to be first offered to
and seen by you, my cyber friends!

So with no further delay
click HERE 
to head to the the first
Peek N Pick Page sale!

And anytime you're of a mind to look, the page has a tab
of its own on the page directory.

Feedback, suggestions, preferences, ideas,
requests for items you're seeking
 are all warmly welcomed!
To share your thoughts/suggestions
about the new page
(or anything else lol)
email me

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