Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On All Hallows, Always

Each Hallows of my life
I shall stand for a moment, silently, amid the power of nature
And acknowledge her wisdom ~ respect her power.
Each Hollows my heart beats
I shall pause, remembering with honor, my ancestors.
Their lessons thru the ages, now mine,
As mine will  pass one day into the future.
Each hollows that I again gaze upon the last October night
The full and perfect moon above, icon of magic and mystery
I will marvel at things known only to those of ancient ways
Each Hallows as the earth gives the last of her gifts
Turning towards her harsher, harder side
Until she brings Spring again
I will pause
Pause to remember, to celebrate, to understand that I am 
One single thread within the fabric of time.
Within the ancient traditions
Of earth and sky, fire and water.
Charged with the gift of another year
Of striving. Learning. Sowing kindness.
Until Samhain arrives upon the calendar of days once again.
And once again I am reminded of precisely
How important ~ and unimportant ~ I am ~ amid it all
Single thread in the fabric that I am...


BumbleBeeLane said...

Wonderful as always! Happy Harvest!~Amy

Woman Seeking Center said...

Dearest Amy, thank you (as always) for your many gentle, encouraging comment(s) to my writings :-)

You have (from the very first!) shown me that what I place here on these pages is happily received, warmly shared.

Knowing this means more to me than I think I could EVER say -

Happy Harvest to you also my friend!