Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thanks To The Cranky Crow! Introducing Miss Oct 31st!

Once upon a time in the land of Nod
A wonderfully kind and prim Crow
(Who is not in any way cranky, lol)
Offered to all the surrounding kingdoms
A game of chance...
Within which each held the hope
Of winning an amazingly winsome
And wonderful All Hallows
With longing and hope
I tossed my name into the
Cauldron amid the many...
I hoped as I clicked 'post' on the comment
That placed me amid the game.
Yet not one to often win such games of chance
 I said to my ever-loyal office familiar
"I'll not win, but what fun to follow as this
Exquisite Giveaway Unfolds"!
But to my great and unexpected joy I found, that whilst away
from my computer, fate had smiled upon me! I (yes I!) had won!
With no delay, Crow dispatched the parcel containing
Miss October 31 to my distant farm....
As I gently and happily opened the parcel
my eyes were greeted with gala gingham and prim wrappings!
But wait.. What did my eyes see? NUMEROUS gifts from the
dear and generous crow!

First may I introduce the heart-stealing
(and already deeply treasured!)
Miss October 31st Prim Doll
She is already making friends and the old girl (the farm)
simply adores her - as do I! Thank you Robin!
But wait.....
There remained more for crow and I to spy
(with our four beadie eyes) lol
 remaining still, tucked within our parcel?
A delicate circle woven wreath of ancient design
Two wonderful hand made soaps! (with labels created by the crow herself)
And within the last bit of tissue, a sumptuously scented candle!
Below, a closeup of crows labels wrapped 'round the soaps...

And while my crow attempted to make away with the
ancient circle for himself, I intercepted and retrieved!
(You know crows with items that catch their fancy, lol)
Crow may believe this will be his, but he is oh-so-incorrect, lol

I am at a loss for the proper words to sufficiently thank you Robin, Dearest Cranky Crow...
These gifts, each and every, imprinted your kindness and generosity and care upon my heart!
Miss October 31st will be part of my farm, my home each and every day
(tho shall we make the 31st here birthday)?!
The ancient, woven, earth-wreath already hangs in a place special to me...
The soaps and candle, already in use will soon arrive at their inevitable end - but will always be recalled with a smile.
Indeed, no words could thank you sufficiently so I will say, simply but with a full & appreciative heart

PS the delay in this post was intentional - I wanted to be sure the trips to OZ and 'lil crows surgery and initial days of recovery were behind you Robin before I posted this for everyone to see and enjoy - especially you  :-)  Hugs! Issy



BumbleBeeLane said...

Congrats Issy! Such a wonderful gift from one wonderful story teller to another.Warm Blessings!~Amy

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh My Dearest Issy - You truly and delightfully have warmed my heart on this blustery cold day here in Nod. I am so very glad that you won my "humble" little giveaway - and, as I have said previously, I just regret that it was not something wrought by my hand.... But, am overjoyed that you enjoyed and appreciate it nonetheless. That you were so thoughtful and studious in making such an endearing thank-you post means mountains to me....I smiled and lingered over each and every vignette you created. (I must say, Miss Oct. 31 does seem to be quite at home there among your other smirky friends....) And to time the post so eloquently touched me truly. Somehow, I think I ended up "receiving" more than I gave in this whole shebang.... ;o) Smiles & Best Hugs ~ Robin

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lucky you - what lovely little gifts from that Cranky Crow. But then I have always thought Hallowe'en lucky - it happens to be my birthday.