Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gratefully, Luckily Safely Thru Hurricane Sandy

First, thanks SO much to those who emailed
to check on me and the old girl - it meant more than I could say...
I'll be catchin up on email replies these next few days - but reading
your notes brought warmth and strength to the past few days.
Fate was kind.
Tho I'm certain this isn't the first fierce
storm the old girl and her barn have survived, it was still
a long and tense few days as Sandy passed thru.
Heavy HEAVY non-stop rain began Sunday and has just now
ceased (Tues evening). Monday was the worst of it - horizontal rain
with steady winds, gusting to 70 (tho not sustained at that rate).
A walkabout tonite found nothing major amiss with the farmhouse, barn, woodlands
outbuildings or neighbors all safe. Not even a loss of electric. My immediate and area counties in NY were spared every large and small heartbreak that so many others in the US are coping with.....
And even as I whisper thanks to the powers of nature for leaving me unharmed I know how lucky I am to be on the finished side of this storm no worse the wear other than a lack of sleep.
So - Monday Museday is of course quite delayed - but I'll have it posted soon
(I was saving battery power on the laptop just in case the power did go)
I hope each of you who reads/comments here, each important to me,  are doing well
and this finds you safe. If not, if you are facing hardship and heartbreak, I'm keeping you close in thought and heart and wishing I could do so much more...
Back soon.....

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Kim said...

Glad to hear you weathered the storm ok. The news reports were so scary.