Friday, October 26, 2012

While I Studiously Avoid Politics Here 2

I know, I know I continue to write this title then go on to write about issues being pounded upon in this election.  I know I risk annoying at least and angering at worst some of you who I visit here, who I respect and think of as friends.......

But to be truthful I believe what draws me back to this topic is that it is about more than rape and abortion and contraception and religion. It is a large invasion into the personal rights for women. It is about equality and domination. It is about civil rights Life style rights and choices.

Hear me when I say that aside from my intense abhorrence of ANYone, man or woman dictating to me what I may or may not do with my body, dictating the direction of my life, forcing me into a non-choice pregnancy that would impact me for the ENTIRE remainder of my life (even if thru rape or incest cause I'm certain my body isn't smart enough to know how to 'shut that down') I fear  even worse.

I fear for return to the quasi-Medieval perception of women.  I've been viewing the mini-series world without end by Ken Follet (wonderfully executed if you enjoy historical based works as I do).  Watching a time when women were considered items for barter, married off for male gain, with NO rights, with less value than livestock is shocking to women of our time period. Yet think how recently we won the vote as females. Consider how recently we won the choice to control our own reproductive bodies. Check the dates to see how long it took us to be considered for high level posts in companies and government. Or to become fighter pilots. Or any damn thing we choose to become within our skill and determination. And if achieving those goals necessitates (in each womans opinion for herself) delaying family or more then who is any man or woman or government policy to say no?

I am honestly, for the first time in my life, fearful that we could as women lose so much more.

Will at some point we be denied consideration for employment as doctors, lawyers or in the armed forces?  Will we be advised that we are not properly skilled to home school our children? Will we face a denial when desiring to start, run or own a business? Before this election and the Republican statements I hear continually I'd have laughed at the idea of such constraints. I'm not laughing now.

I have always thanked the powers that be that I live in this country because it respected the intellect, rights, career choices, child rearing (such as home education) right to choose of women to name only a few.  A country that valued the vast and varied contributions of women. I can be a mother (or not), a lawyer or an astronaut. A wife (or not), a teacher (at home or in in a school or college).  I can get a tattoo! lol  I can control my destiny. Set my goals. Sail my ship. Climb my mountain (or molehill).  I want the same for sisters, daughters, grandmothers. For all the generations to follow.

I don't claim all Republicans are determined to derail these choices - but those who respect women aren't saying anything to set those who DO seem to want to control me straight. And I'll be honest, R & R and their blatant non-separatist take on church and state horrify me. Separation of church and state was part of what our gov was founded upon.  I fear ANYONE else setting the standards for my personal beliefs be they reproductive or otherwise.

I grant you, no administration or leader or company or person is without flaws.

But when a group (any group) begins to circle and snarl and nip at my core personal rights, and those of women who are young now and those yet to come I see that as more than a flaw. I see that as a threat - a threat far larger than one single issue such as contraception/abortion. 

Always consider the larger view, the bigger picture.  And more so this election if you ask me.

Thanks for reading - follow your heart of course as you vote, as you live your life each day. That's the point of this entire post. My goal in writing this is to be sure we all continue to be able to do just  that as women - to choose and follow our own beliefs, choices, hearts, dreams.

Don't allow anyone - elected official, political party line, supreme court appointment - to take the direction of your life, your choices, away from you, from me, from us, from the future generations of women in the coming four years.....


BumbleBeeLane said...

Not sure how I feel about either of the two top runners this round.Everyone has their own moral compass so what's right for one is very differnt for others.I just don't see much hope in either.I guess we'll see.

Woman Seeking Center said...

Hey you!

I'm with you whole heartedly on your point/truth that everyone has their own moral compass and what works for one doesn't for another -SO true! Exactly the reason I long for each of us to be able to follow our own path and choices.

I agree with you also about concerns with both parties/top runners. If I'd had my ideal choice I'd love to have seen a woman run. Perhaps it's illusion (or delusion, lol) but I'd love at least once in my lifetime to see a woman (Dem/Rep or Independent) run/win. It would be fascinating to see if it made a marked or remarkable difference in the way government was run.

Ah indeed, well see!


TheCrankyCrow said...

Ahhh...and now I know that we could have some lively conversations into the wee hours of the day.... ;o) Robin

Woman Seeking Center said...

Without doubt crow, without doubt!

Bel et bien parlé et adroitement mon vol chère! Nul doute que nous le ferions (si seulement nous pouvions) passent de nombreuses heures au point compliquée par des conversations points. Accord ou d'accord d'être en désaccord, il serait discours fascinant. Je soupçonne même que nous serions enclins à point et contrepoint débat de tous les aspects d'une question tout simplement pour le plaisir pur, lol

Affectueusement, comme toujours,

TheCrankyCrow said...

Tu me connais si bien, mon ami. À certains égards, il semble étrange. Débattre de nous le ferions. Parfois, le plaisir de désaccord et les esprits divergents est un cadeau en soi, non?

(Please excuse my French if it is a wee bit rusty....) Toujours.... The Crow..... ;o)