Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Striving To Be Like Charlotte

She had promised Wilbur she was going to save his life and Charlotte was determined to keep her promise. Day after day, she hung from her web and waited patiently for an idea to come to her.   ~Charlotte’s Webb~

There are moments when I suspect the standard measure of success and failure is a bit off....
I say this because there are times, circumstances, events that are beyond control, outside
our reach of determined influence.

It set me thinking of Charlotte ~ and that success (or failure) ~ should also consider and count effort. The depth of  intensity, determination and perseverance extended. Outcome may be beyond reach. But if a person truly sets a goal, does his/her deepest 'best effort' (and you know in your heart if it's aye or nay) with courage and commitment shouldn't there be a rung on the ladder of success/failure for heartfelt intention and efforts? 

I see/hear/read the words of so many very very good people who do all they can with all they have to repair problems of all ilks for themselves and for others. But if the end result/outcome is beyond their efforts no matter how determinedly they have fought, they count themselves to have failed.

It haunts me, this clear divide of success and failure, this either/or, with no accounting for nor nod to the beauty of intention, for grace of the effort, for the care and concern that still surround and comfort those in need of aide (or to the credit of those who step up) even if the goal remains elusive or unattained.

There is something I can't quite capture in words about "the Charlottes'" of the world ~ those who stand steadfast beyond strength and reason for themselves, for others, for causes.  Their determination, their dogged persistence to see thru a promise made, to do what is right, what is best when needed.

Charlottes' posses kindness and courage of the heart.

No matter how small the selfless act, the truth is that any time you reach beyond yourself it's not small.  Every effort to do the right thing, outcome be damned, in your own world matters (if to no one but yourself). Even the smallest of effort or care on the behalf of another (should) count because it happened. There should be some verbiage inbetween success and failure to signify standing tall, strong and honorable in your own life regardless of whether the goal was/was not achieved. There need be, I believe, something that denotes someone having picked up the banner of kindness and having taken action (successful or not) because they cared about something/someone besides themselves.

Yes. There should be something that rests between success and failure. A concept and word that denotes effort, honor, kindness, outward giving even when the goal remains unachieved.

Tho I'm uncertain it will ever be so, there is one thing I am certain of... And that is this:
I'm striving (daily) to become more like Charlotte.


The Weaver of Grass said...

It was lovely to hear from you - this is a return call. If i can manage to negotiate the new blogger I shall put you on my side bar, but don't count on it as I haven't mastered it yet. But do please keep calling - I will always pop back.

I do agree with what you say, and although I am not getting any younger, even the smallest effort reaps rewards. I find a smile and a thank-you often works wonders and I know if I am on the receiving end then such things make my day much happier.

TheCrankyCrow said...

I need to confess....I snuck a look/see at this post and went away without commenting....Had to "chew" on it a while and let it the hopes that I could come up with something intuitive and wise to say. Neither the former nor the latter ever materialized. But - oh, chew I did. Yes...yes....You are so right. There should be something in between. Perhaps my existence would then be exonerated? And I love that phrase "beauty of intention...grace of effort." Thank you for the seed you planted. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin