Saturday, November 3, 2012

Views Inside The Farm ~ November Nesting

The Winds Of November Come Clear And Strong
I'm not as much of a Spring Cleaning Soul
(tho of course there's a good bit of that)
as I am a 'Fall Nesting' Sort....
In the Spring it's all about changing the winter drapes out
and into storage, a slam-dash cleaning of windows
and then on to the gardens/veg/sun and the great outdoors
of the fields, forests and vibrancy of the farmlands...
But late Fall, sadly sweet time that she is, draws me to detail...
draws me to vignettes, to memories, to creating soft places
for the heart and soul ~ emotional sustenance for the hardships
of winter. Harsh on both body and soul are the NE winters.
Even in this beautiful setting winters are a heart-challenge.
The winds whimper and cry around every clapboard and corner
of the old girl. Leafless trees throw barren shadows. One hundred
and forty two year old windows are draped in the stoutest
of fabrics against the forceful battering of snow and chill.
There's beauty in the stark isolation of the county, of acres of land.
And there's vague unease in the rooms and hallways of
an old farmhouse properly prepared and readied
for a standard 'Noreastern winter...
So as I 'nest', creating small, soul-nourishing touches
to cheer the spirits (mine and the ghosts) for the months ahead
I thought I'd bring you along with these nesting photos!
Hope you'll enjoy...

First is this  old Victorian table in the bathroom.
Soft and large towels, cheerful pale yellow washcloths
nestled one atop the other. Cheerful and conveniently at hand.
A 'heart touch' I added is the faux starfish for the sea that (tho I'm inland!)
I love. (and to remind me that the snow that vexes me is, after all
related to the water of the sea that I love - simply in another form, lol)

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