Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sometimes You Beat The Bird, Sometimes The Bird Beats You

Notice the cute small bird on my planter?
Cute as a button and stubborn as a mule, lol!
This wee creature began a nest on the top of one of my
porch columns. Late in the season for nest creation.
Hers was well built, a lot of hard work. Mud, hay, moss. Impressive.
Still I had to dissuade her. An excellent location for her, not so much for me
or for the porch. Or screen door, or the windows, or the furniture or cushions.

I moved with decisive stealth and vigor!
I removed her nest before egging occurred.
I did so once.
Three times.
FOUR times.
FIVE times
(while reminding her who was in charge here) lol

Then I remembered an old plastic owl that I'd had in the gardens, now in the barn. Out it came, to see if it could deter little bird, set up a sense of predator drama in her mind. I captured this picture of little bird confronted with big bad scary owl during their first beak to beak meeting...
(and yes there IS a PAINT can in the image, always a paint can!
I will perish with a paint can in-hand lol)
Little bird studies the turn of events.
She ponders.
She considers.
What I did not catch was an image of the sight of little bird
not only sitting near to but snuggled up to owl
Oh little bird, you vex me, yet I admire your moxie!

Sometimes you beat the (little) bird
Sometimes the (little) bird beats you lol
(excerpt from the ever growing pages/chapters of
my humble attempt at a first book. The sum of which chronicles
the entire story: the why, how & adventure of how I came to the farm,
to life in farm country. Of what forced, what sent me seeking, finding, repairing
and hesitantly loving this once decrepit old farm. The journey that began at a time
when most are 'sizing down'. The tiny little massive huge sad wonderful scary brave
story of how I lost my mind and my heart and set off on my lunatic, ill-advised escape!)


gracie said...

Every yer we (Mr H) tries to avoid the Gamble Quail from putting their nest in one of our large established plants..This year once again wwe found the eggs...too late! Now the plant can not be watered properly and we will have a dozen baby quail in the yard. You seem to have a very stubborn too!

BumbleBeeLane said...

Gotta love that have a dove that always tries to build a nest on the front porch light.Ok but then it swoons your head everytime you get home or company comes so this year I took the cover off the light and turned it upside down.Yay! I won this round.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Woman Seeking Center said...

Now THAT is a brilliant fix Amy!
What is it with wee creature that they always want to be where we wish them not, lol

Amy 1 point, Dove 0 points roflmao


Woman Seeking Center said...

Ah Gracie :-)

What is it about little birds (or many other creatures) wanting to be just where we wish they weren't!?! I've oddles of bird houses just 'a wing's distance' (or so lol) from the porch & no doubt there are many lovely spots for mamma quail other than your plant, other than my porch :-) Maybe they just want to be near to you and I? LOL

TheCrankyCrow said...

Sometimes the birds do win....I surrendered our satellite dish two or three years ago to a very determined Mamma Robin....and on the lower level, a yet-to-be-identified bird....Yup, I have a condo development going on.... Love the paint can! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin