Friday, July 20, 2012

Farm Elementals

                                                           FARM  ELEMENTS
                                                        Fire, Water, Earth and Sky

Every now and then nature reminds us 'who's in charge'.  She re~schools us in the concept of  'balance'. All things in proportion are best.  She nudges us (or if you know NCIS? she gives us a Gibbs/DiNozzo head slap, lol)  Lest we forget, that no matter how clever we are, no matter what science or tech at our disposal, SHE controls the deciding vote, the 51% ownership. SHE is the one who calls the shots. SHE gives life SHE denies life. SHE is the one who must be obeyed.  Killing snow in April, Killing frost in May, Killing drought in June and July.  She's reduced me to turning the water off while brushing my teeth ~ a farm water well survival skill.  She's prodded me into using dish pans (one to wash, one to rinse) which in turn allows for more water for laundry (a task carefully thought out and planned in drought, lol).  Happily this farm has a small creek that flows all year, even in harsh drought. Not helpful for drinking and cooking, but sustaining for plants, animals. Hand carrying/distributing water for any need is (I suspect) how Advil came to be invented, roflmao.  Rain barrels also are a marvel of 'found' extra water (tho only if it rains!)

* If ever you seek a farm strive for good source(s) of all manner of water ~ for people plant & animal*

It seems that today, for whatever reason, SHE decided we'd been sufficiently reminded and gave us rain - it began in the night and has lasted thus far all day - rain, glorious & wet, ever disappearing into the land as fast as it falls.  I may throw caution to the wind and run the water the entire time I brush my teeth and wash my hair tonite  :-)  Even as I considered such behaviors I do believe I heard HER say, "remember who's got the power here"!  and then she laughed and added 'just sayin'...


TheCrankyCrow said...

So my rain dance paid off, hey? ;o) It is humbling, is it not? How we can so swiftly and deftly go from nonchalant excess to cautious deference. We received some much needed relief several days ago, but we have been quickly reverted to parched once again. I just heard that a few hours ago, the drought here has been escalated from "severe" to "extreme." Truly sobering....(no pun intended).....Enjoy the running water as you brush.... ;o) Smiles & Rainy Day Hugs ~ Robin

Bovey Belle said...

How much we lean on Mother Nature, for she truly controls our lives and makes us dance to her tune . . . and there's a mixed metaphor if ever I wrote one!!! Guess you'll get the gist anyway . . . Jennie xx