Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Muse-Day #2

Last week was such fun!
Shall we go again?!??
If so, here's #2
Three random pictures
from the farm I chose today
Do they whisper something to you?
Will you share here what they say?!

Just a bit of wool gathering, a bit of fun really :-)
If you'd like to join in, share a single word
(the first that comes to mind or otherwise)
that you think of when you see this picture....
Just One word.
A single word from a book or poem title?
One word snipped from a memory, or an impression?
Easy Peasy - Just One Single Word.
I hope you'll join in and leave your "word" in thr comments
on this, the next Monday Muse-day at the farm!
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12Paws said...


Bovey Belle said...

Restoration . . .

(My husband would love to get his paws on an old chair like that to restore! Though I am sure some folk prefer their stuff "shabby-chic".)

Woman Seeking Center said...

12Paws, I adore your word! Perfect...
(and welcome to woman-seeking and Mondaymuseday!)

Belle, spot on! Tho I'm not sharing MY word just yet that was one that resonated. And oh yes, that chair and I had a long talk prior to it's life 'outside' - I agonized over that choice, lol Would that we were closer - I've a barn-full of old chairs needing someone like your husb who'd 'take them on' as the projects they are!

Hugs! Issy

Sue said...

The chair is beckoning me
to sit with a cold glass
of Raspberry Lemonde and
look at the little Cherub
who is in the garden looking
at the house and thinking
" I look at that same spot
everyday, boy I wish they
would paint it!" ha ha

Wicked Faerie Queen said...

Ta da! The comment is working for me now. Thanks for changing it now I can comment to my hearts content.


TheCrankyCrow said...


Woman Seeking Center said...

Sue! omgosh I did literally laugh out loud when I read your Monday-museday word(s) - too funny! (Now I feel badly for the cherub, lol) Will have to get back to painting again!
Thank you ever-so & hope you'll join in again next Monday!

Dearest Crow,
A word that is giving me pause to ponder - as ever, fascinating -
Thank you :-)

Woman Seeking Center said...

My word? (In case anyone is still following/cares lol) for this picture


Shall we again, next week? Hope so!
Hugs, Issy

TheCrankyCrow said...

....and is my word and yours, dear Issy, so very different??? ;o) r