Monday, July 2, 2012

As Tho They Were Long Lost Friends

The old trunk whispered 'save me' as I approached.
Surrounded by a lifetime accumulation of both the grand and the grim
she waited on the grass near the old barn.
She watched from behind the house for sale sign and hoped.
Longing to be useful, to be needed, to be wanted
(As do we all....)

You know of course that she came home with me lol

The moment the trunk entered the front room of the farm
I knew in the same way I had known I belonged with the farm that the trunk
had also arrived precisely where it belonged.
Under this lace filled window was found a perfect fit, each for the other.
They seemed to have belonged to each other, old house, window & trunk, forever.
(The same way it occurs with people and run down old farms sometimes).

Trunk was empty of contents when I bought her, but I sensed filled with stories.
Stuffed with adventures. Sadly I am not fully fluent in 'trunk-speak' but old house is...
I had the contented feeling that the old girl (my farm) and trunk immediately
began to share stories - of times past, of their people, of feeling lost & of being loved again.
I tried to eavesdrop, but alas could capture of their banter none.
(tho I could well imagine their tales of loss, of love, of life, were much like ours)

 It makes me smile each time I see them, now together
As tho they were long lost friends
found at last again.
(excerpt from the ever growing pages/chapters of
my humble attempt at a first book. The sum of which chronicles
the entire story:  the why, how & adventure of how I came to the farm,
 to life in farm country. Of what forced, what sent me seeking, finding, repairing
and hesitantly loving this once decrepit old farm. The journey that began at a time
when most are 'sizing down'.   The tiny little massive huge sad wonderful scary brave
story of how I lost my mind and my heart and set off  on my lunatic, ill-advised escape!)

PS Trunk holds all the  coming and going shoes, boots, sandals and the like wonderfully!
I chose to only gently clean her, leaving all the age and adventures
of her long life which she wears gracefully.

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TheCrankyCrow said...

I think, my dear friend, you lost your mind and found your soul. ;o) That trunk is gorgeous!! And her scrollwork echoes so beautifully the lacework of the curtains that let the sunshine play on her back.... A book....somehow, deep inside, I knew that....I can't wait. I hope you are more disciplined than I - that was always my thought....but I am too incorrigibly sidetracked and lacking in imagination to take it to fruition. I will live vicariously through you..... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin