Friday, August 24, 2012


I'll be back with a post tomorrow!
Many thanks to everyone who's sent along words of encouragement
concern and cheer as I've muddled and mulled.
I count myself lucky x a million for each of you
for each comment or email.
Especially considering it was a crisis of the heart and not a life crisis.
I'm amazed and grateful for your kindness.
The cloud is an amazing place (for a 'non-place'! lol)

Thank you

More soon!
(and it's a back to cheerful more soon)   :-)


Bovey Belle said...

A crisis of the heart is one that usually hurts the most. There are times when we wonder what we have done to deserve a certain situation, how to avoid an aching heart . . . but then, a little way down the trail, it becomes clear that if (A) hadn't happened, you would not be at (B) right now, and facing happier times.

gracie said...

Waiting to hear that you have found your way...

TheCrankyCrow said...

Is not a crisis of the heart one of life?

You have me anxious, wondering, worried, concerned, and hopeful all at once.

I, too, await your return....and news if it of the sort that can be shared.

Hugs ~ Robin