Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Elements Of Visual Texture

Cities, towns and suburbs are defined by certain
visual elements. Concrete, glass, asphalt, plastic wood.
Linear, geometric, precise, angular.

Farms and ag districts are defined by wide array of ever changing
visual elements. Without doubt concrete, glass, wood are major aspects
of many old farm houses and barns. Yet there's also softer
visually random rubble stone, cobblestone and dry stack stone in walls
and foundations. Far from linear, geometric or angular - tho precision
of skill and placement is essential if they are to survive.
So even at 'ground level' the visual input on the farm differs.

 The true sirens' song of ever changing visual textural beauty on the farm
belongs to the fields and woodlands. Alongside livestock and crop planting
nature creates her own vignettes. Painting the paths with grasses tall and soft
or waxed and shining in the sun. Wildflowers that mock my efforts to 'garden'.
 Rock strewn paths that have been part of this farm since the 1800's are the work
of nature and time. Color, texture, depth of contrast ~ mossy rockery, species mixes abound. There are hundred and hundred of variations on these acres. Shape and color variants are too numerous to count.
From a vibrant splash of color in the wild berries to deer runs. Varied shapes of animal tracks, domestic and wild decorate the stream mud and the sheltered woods. Deep and verdant green in the tree and rock moss. Endless shape, size, types of large rock along the paths, amid the wood lots.
Some moved, located by those who farmed or grazed the land generations before my time. Some randomly arranged in ancient glacial days and never (ever) touched or altered.
In the years I've walked, worked, rested, explored, sought center and dreamed on this farm I've discovered that time is another 'texture' that is a visual element on the farm....

Less angular, geometric, reflective.
More soft, swaying, seasonal.
Always changed, yet ever the same.
Flowing yet static, stable.

Perhaps, all combined, what I see here is the visual texture of time?


Bovey Belle said...

What a lovely piece of writing. You have truly grasped the visual parameters and palimpsests of your farm and understand them as a stranger might not . . .

BumbleBeeLane said...

I'll take the old farmhouse textures and views over the city any day.Warm Blessings!~Amy