Friday, August 3, 2012


Drippingly hot temperatures yet again today led me to take a
drive along the shady country back roads. There's no lack of shade
at the farm, but windows wide open at 55mph provides a
much higher volume of air movement. And depending upon how
strong or weak willed I am there's the possibility of stopping for
ice cream on the way home from such a drive....

Zipping along I noticed a simple sign - nothing more than sale today
with an arrow. On a whim I followed and arrived within moments
at a tiny but charming 'town center' - a town whose name ended with

Isn't if curious (and lovely) how many towns are something-villes?
Shortsville, Mechanixville, Bartonsville
Always rings warm, friendly, pleasant to me.
A bit down the road I found the sale ~ under ancient old maple trees
the shade and treasure beckoned, come hither.  The gentleman in charge
was charming, talkative and happy. We exchanged a bit of banter and then
I strolled the tables overflowing with interesting bits.

My favorite spot was the 10 cent table
Indeed, perfect items for ten cents each
He shared stories about several of the items I'd chosen
his weather worn face smiling, he's eyes alight with memories.

With my arms around a dusty old cardboard box overflowing with
wonderful 10 cent items I headed towards home. I thought how truly
grand it was to have come across someone smiling and friendly. 
I thought how nice it was he'd shared the memories of the pieces
he was passing on - those items & their stories now mine.  

Windows all down, driving back to the farm from something-ville
content and with treasure, I decided to skip the ice cream.
I'd already found  my 'treat' for the day.....

Hope your day held something 'treat-ish' too  :-)


TheCrankyCrow said...

Would that I could have been riding next to you. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful serendipitous outing. But I would have wooed you into that ice cream stop. Sometimes, excess is a delightful thing. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Bovey Belle said...

Gosh, me too. Sounds like my sort of day! How lovely that you and the seller had such a lovelychat and you now have the history attached to his 10 cent pieces firmly in your mind. His history is now your history . . .

Not so many "villes" over here, though I can think of Waterlooville in Hampshire. My map tells me there is a Sutton Mandeville in Wilts, and there's a Stoke Mandeville much further up country. Here in Wales it is "Llan" which starts just about every place name!