Sunday, August 26, 2012

So, where did we leave off....?!?

Ah yes, I had wandered off (in the literal and figurative sense) for much needed
muddling, mulling and mucking my way thru a great deal of non-life-threatening
but heart wrenching angst, longing for a sign of some sort or another....

The back story?
Short and sweet (or as sweetly as I'm able right now, lol)
is that for a very long time when my paint brush was still and my heart was open
and amid the moments the farm hasn't been a whirlwind of calamity, lol
I've poured my heart and thoughts, observations and reactions into a manuscript of our story.

The story she and I share. Of how this old farm and I saved each other.
She and I and a cast of many, many others. It's a simple, funny, somewhat (hopefully) insightful tale of how life will sometimes go miserably wrong thru no fault of your own.  Events beyond your control will leave you helpless - short of starting over & beginning a whole new life from the ground up. The series of kindnesses, heartaches, victories, and coincidences that occurred again and again. Each a piece of the story with so many surprises along the way.

A tiny little book that I never (ever) intended to be 'significant' although it mattered greatly to me. I think that for years it has been my therapy (as much as the farm itself), my journal, and my solace. I hoped that perhaps my little book would encourage or cheer or amuse a handful of other like minded souls. I thought some out there would be interested in what it was like to rehab a hopeless old farm. And barn. And tractor. Or maybe there were others that, like me, had their life-plan destroyed and left in need of a rebuild because of unbidden changes. On my more self-critical days I thought maybe someone would decide to read it just because they liked its odd title or the still-only-an-idea-in-my-mind book cover lol.  Best of all I was on track for sending it out into the world to share with others.

But a new footnote was added to the story when a couple of weeks back when I learned that a verbal commitment and a confirmation of intent do not a reliable commitment make....
As it was explained to me: the current dynamic shift in market & sales from print publications in favor of e-publishing (which we currently do not offer) has forced us to re-evaluate all pending & intended but non-contractual commitments (which was, of course, very much within their rights).  So within steps of the finish line, amid typing out the last chapter and edits, the door was closed. And how foolish of me not to have forseen this possibility. How naive. Sad, frustrated and I admit, angry, I found myself left with nothing but the closing words:
"As we continue to feel your work holds merit we encourage you to pursue e-publishing your manuscript thru a suggested e-publisher or personally "

Ah yes, indeed.
Do I seek to re-sub to the 'suggested e-publisher' and begin that dance once again?
Or self publish?
And if only I had the vaguest notion or any experience of how to e-publishand then e-market, and then, and then... 
(well you see where all the pondering came to be necessary).

Many walks, much research, more walks and ok I confess a tiny little bit of
feeling sorry for myself with a side of feeling stupid for not requiring a firm commitment ensued for a couple of weeks. All the while wondering what was best, right up to and including scrap heaping the little book all-together. No option was off the table.

And then....

Then the almost funny 'sign' appeared one day in the old farmhouse laundry room.
The wind was WILD that day, from an odd direction. The curtain flapped and sailed in the relentless wind as tho it were intent on battering me. It was in the 90's and far to hot to close the window. I have no curtain retainer hook or pull back on this huge curtain as it seldom moves so I had no way to restrain it as it pummelled me! lol.  As I employed an 'alternate solution' I saw my signal, my sign.
And I took a picture to show you, even as my mind was saying
When the unexpected happens, the best solution lies in what you can do for yourself

So, as of this writing I have to once and for all decide if this tiny book of mine about a little farm in a little valley that has taught me so much about life and myself and has made me laugh and cry and grow is worthy of pursuing. Worthy of learning how to e-publish on my own, so I can hold the reins.  

The farm and I have learned together to do many MANY things I never thought I'd be able to do in my entire life. The question is, should e-pub-pursuing the little book of 'our story' be one more????

*Thank you SO much for each and every comment/email of encouragement and concern shared yesterday and
before. Your input, thoughts and caring have been (and are)  of more comfort and value than I could ever tell each of you!*


Bovey Belle said...

What a kick in the teeth Issy. I think that the writing of your book (however small) is therapeutic in itself. It does sound though that because you were so committed to having it published, perhaps you should try and find an e-publisher who would appreciate your manuscript and help you share it with the world. I am sure many folks would find the story of how you coped with every challenge that your old farm has given you a inspirational read. Go for it!

BumbleBeeLane said...

Oh Issy so sorry it fell through.I guess I'm not like the rest of the world.I still enjoy holding a book in my hands as I try to tire my thoughts for slumber.Enoy tucking it in my purse for the long waits at the drs office,and the romantic nature of curling up in the big chair on a rainy afternoon drifting off into another world with my warm cup of tea at side.Yes e books have their place but would much rather the old fashioned simple read.Don't give up.Hugs!~Amy

TheCrankyCrow said... it was the book. I would not have guessed, as I did not realize you were so close to completion (perhaps because "completion" is such a foreign concept to any of my projects and undertakings).

But oh - how my heart hurts for you. What a wretched disappointment - of expectation and commitment. I am relieved, though, that your sign was revealed to you...albeit with mixed emotions on my part. I rejoice that you are considering e-publishing on your own and have not given up the thought of sharing your journey with those of us who would so eagerly await it, yet I, like Amy, feel a tie with the printed word...a bound tome that can provide a tangible comfort like no other. So, my rejoicing is tempered with selfishness I suppose.

But I pray and beg that my honesty in this regard does not dissuade you from e-publishing....I would take that gladly over a decision to keeping your manuscript to yourself. And who knows? It may be the prompt I need to push me into the 21st century.

Wishing you the very best in this new leg of your journey....and many more perspicacious signs.

Smiles & Best Hugs ~ Robin

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ooops....I meant "perspicuous" signs....But, hey, I guess "perspicacious" works too. ;o)

Angela Cruz-garcia said...

After reading your blog and the comments left I feel as if I am a child starting the process of learning how to speak. I would continue with your goal of publishing your lessons learned whether by yourself or with "a recomended e-publisher". Either way I have learned much today after reading your thoughts. Thank you.