Thursday, August 9, 2012


My apology for having missed Monday Muse-Day this week

I won't lie. Recent days have been intense and unsettling.
Decisions to be sorted, approaches to be considered.
Actions, re-actions and emotions to be
evaluated, bridled and reined in, down to a functional gallop
(rearing and snorting render no progress down the trail).

  I wish there were 'signs'
direct, straight-forward indicators
advising me of the best course at such

I'd love some indicator(s) to assist as I choose
 direction, action, words, tone, bonding, severing
facial expression, solutions(s), bribe, threat? (lol),
commitment, abandonment, encourage-discourage-ment.
Rally the forces, go it alone, stop, proceed, turn 180, turn 360,
scrap an idea, an entire project, scrap the naysayers, scrap some relationships,
confront, avoid be angry, annoyed? Be relieved, released.
Refocus? Redirect?
Responsibility? Resolution? Reconstitution? 

 (as in the personal variety)

You know, I need only a subtle sign from the universe...
That would be astoundingly helpful.
 Because there are times, there are situations,
there are dynamics vectored in such a way
that it is simply impossible to even guess the 
the correct choice - in both practical terms
and karmic terms...

A low-key straight-forward
sign from the universe.
That's what I need...

So, if I'm a bit absent from 'woman seeking' it's only due to the fact
 I'm out walking, pondering, considering, 'sign-seeking' ...
Amid the woods and fields, within the old barn timbers.
I'll seek a word with the sparrows and crows.
Excellent consultants, one and all....

Wish me luck

**nothing health related or dreadful afoot,
so to those who would worry don't.
Tis all life/work/interaction/decisions related.
Maddening but (happily) not threatening
(except to my sanity :-) **


Bovey Belle said...

I recognize elements of this. How frustrating for you to not know which path to take for the best, which action or reaction or interaction is going to sort a problem out. Walking is good. You can switch off - or think - when you are walking. I hope that you find the answers you're searching for.

Kim said...

Well I hope you get your sign. There is nothing worse than be being stuck in a giant vat of indecision.
I enjoyed your comment on my blog. I'm following you now :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh my dear Issy....You were vexed and searching and I was not here (nor there) for you. I hope my spirit crow cast a shadow at least upon you as your wandered and searched.

I, too, search for signs...then wonder if I have read them correctly, or just saw a ghost that I thought real, but was not.

Wishing you well upon your journey. I hope you know that, although, my words were not here, the silence was only in my fingers as I think of you often....

Hugs ~ Robin