Friday, June 29, 2012

How I want these to find the perfect home...

I came across these Wakefield Windsor Ware Johnson Brothers (England) plates & I fell in love - I've kept some for myself, leaving four to find a special home! They are classic bread (or in my world dessert!) size.  The floral detail & coloration are exquisite. Each plate is delicately cupped in the center. Perfect condition, no chips or cracks. I'd be thrilled to share them with anyone here for what I paid (3.00 each) plus shipping (shipping would be only exact amt - I'd weigh out however many of the four available you care to adopt - then box and check fee at post office to let you know precise amt of shipping) Sales tax also if shipped to NYS. Click pic for better view. If they call to you, email me

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Bovey Belle said...

I recognize this design! I have one somewhere in my stash I'm pretty sure. A pretty design that is bound to make a slice of cake taste twice as nice!

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