Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Simply A Matter Of Priori~huh?

 I'm aware (and oft read) that it's a simple matter of prioritizing ones' way to efficiency.
In my world it's a bit more priori~huh? (as opposed to prioritize, lol)
It's not so much a question of setting task to list.
The problem is where in the list tasks belong, you see.
Apples and oranges confused comparison.

 There's the painting ~ ongoing & never-ending (lol) ~ of the old girls' exterior.
The numerous remaining beautiful old windows that need caulking still.
Barn lofts to finish clearing.
Attic corners yet to organize.
Porch repairing and 'spiffing' to be done (period fretwork found!)
Woodwork to be oiled.
Summer Kitchen porch floor (remember that post?) to be stenciled.
Bread to be made and baked (did you know there are stats confirming
 the cost - even with energy fees included -
 showing home-baked bread is half of the cost of commercial bread)?
Not to mention the aroma and 'yum' factor, lol
There are walks needed to ponder where the bees will beeeeeeee living/hiving
Where the chickens will eventually live/roost/lay/peck.
And this above is the 'short list' of to do's
Now I ask you, how do you prioritize such a list?
Ah yes, that's how I arrive at

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