Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Storm Unease

There is euphoric joy that sings out loud amid the old farmhouse, barn, pump house and chicken coup in the 'living seasons' ~ Spring Summer and Fall.  The days feel like gold and unfold with a depth that can not be easily put into words.

But in the midst of huge winter storms there is an unease....
Minus 15 degrees. Acres of snow blow and drift.
Water freezes. Animals suffer.
EVERYTHING that must be done is harder
and carries the reality of frostbite, perhaps even danger.

Roofs must be unladen of snow when it reaches the 12+ inch mark
(pulled down by a snow roof rake). You have to be sure (and quick) to get out of the way as it slides to the ground!

Water has to be drawn up ahead for creatures, for humans (in case of power outage because there is no water from the well pump sans electric).

Dark is dark in the hours of any nite, but the howling winds and driving snow add an intensity and foreboding to such frigid winter darkness. Even the huge three story thresher barn seems to strain against the elements.

Unease, tension, emotional breath-holding...

As I look out the windows I can barely believe these are the very same fields, the same stream, the same place I walk easily in the living months.

And April seems a very very long way off tonite

Wherever you are be safe and warm (if in snow/cold)
and dream of Spring with me...


Kim said...

I am feeling your unease tonight also. We already have several feet of snow from December and there is another foot and a half forecast to fall overnight. With the windchill today, the feel-like temp was minus 35. I had to hire a man this week to shovel off my roof. Winter is being very hateful so far. I join you in dreaming of warm sand and flip flops.
Stay warm

gracie said...

Sending Spring thoughts your way....I remember those times....

Florida Farm Girl said...

Stay warm and safe, Issy. Look at some pictures of pretty flowers and sunny lakes. That'll help cheer you up.

Leslie said...

I can't imagine what this is like. I live in the PNW where a snowstorm is maybe a foot of snow. It throws us for a loop because there are so many hills around and the ground temperature is warm so we get really icy and it's hard to drive.

Stay warm and take care.