Saturday, January 25, 2014

It WILL Come Again, Won't It?!?

Cold and Snow 
Snow and Cold
I cannot feel my toes!

Layered clothes
Water's froze
I'm counting down the days

I'm watching close
For sun that's strong
For any hint of green

I long each day
For bloom and bee
And Springs'
Return to see.....
Issy 1/25/14


Kim said...

This winter seems sooooo long (and cold).

gracie said...

Oh I do not miss the cold and snow....but it is pretty when it falls and you are the first foot prints....but I hate being cold.

Michelle said...

I think this winter has us all feeling discouraged!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, you guys are really getting pounded on these days. Let's hope the brutal stuff ends soon.