Monday, February 3, 2014


Stepping back, resisting the (human) inclination to 
draw "conclusions" or 'pass judgement' 
about someones'
or choices
is a
a monumental act of human kindness

It's not about them deserving it (or not)
It's not about you being right (or wrong)
 What it is, actually. is a gift you give 
to that person (family, friend, coworker, stranger)
It's a gift you give to the world at large
(one less negative bit of karma slinking around)

Maybe the bewildering/annoying/obnoxious people
 have a reason for
(fill in the blank with whatever they are doing that's annoying)
(or maybe they ARE just  total ass*oles) lol

Either way
May as well keep your eyes on your own paper 

Cause I'm pretty sure you're not gonna change the A*holes
 And if someone IS in the midst of a soul crushing crisis
Odds are there's little you can do
to alter how they're coping with whatever they may be facing

It's for sure not easy
I'll admit right here, right now that some days I do better than others lol
But I keep reminding myself of something I really do think is true:
 Any time you choose to take the higher road...
  it's a little bit of a gift you give yourself too

'just sayin......


Kathryn Jones said...

Well said!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Yesterday's Sabbath Keeping post was on choices and as to changing someone else...not happening. The most we can hope for is to change ourselves but we shy from personal change because that means personal responsibility. Our choices always have consequences and, mostly, human beings don't like consequences nor change.
"Be gentle with people, we never know what personal hell someone else is going through."

Kim said...

Great post. I don't know why it is so hard for us to remember this each day.

simply bev said...

Taking the high road is always the best option!