Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Upside Of -37 Degree Windchill And Feet Of Snow?

The fact this is required daily
to keep the kitchen pipes
from freezing....
*and of course the need
to consume it quickly 
lest the next day of baking find any left*

Yes, always a good point to be found
(somewhere) lol

I'm happy to share that at the moment the temps and snow
are giving the area  a rest. Thankfully. However long it lasts it's wonderful.


Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, my! You'd better head toward my house. It was 64 today and all sunny. So, what kind of bread are you making? That loaf looks yummy

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Thank God our worst weather, yet, is behind us. Today it's snow but not minus 20 degrees F temps with wind chills in low 30's.
Your bread looks delicious, I think I'm spurned to make some today.

Woman Seeking Center said...

Hi Sue! OMGosh 64 sounds like a HEATwave :-) Send me a few degrees of it will you? lol The bread is a basic wheat - grand for toast or sandwich or with soup. Yum indeed (but then I could live on bread and pasta roflmao)

Hello Sandra! Sounds plenty cold at Thistle Cove and good bread-making temp for certain. I'm glad it's a bit less extreme there but cold is cold so I hope you had a chance to bake some comfort bread :-)