Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Fades And 2014 Emerges

I'm not fond of New Years Resolutions

Instead I set my course towards

a) New Year Of Rest
b) New Year Of Revolution

Some years I yearn for rest, for simplification, streamlining complexity

Other years I long to shake things up, seek change, growth, revolution

I'm not quite certain yet which 2014 (if I have any say) will be, lol
What I know for sure is that this new year, like every year
Will have emotions and events
Hot and Cold
Sweet and Sour

It will have challenge and happiness
Alongside success and failure

It will have a mind of its' own
(fate and nature have more pull than I do, roflmao)

 It will also have the best thing every new year brings:
365 possibilities

Happy New Year Everyone!


BumbleBeeLane said...

Happy New Year sweet Issy! Hope my is simple I need the rest and simplicity but I so doubt that.LoL..~Amy

Florida Farm Girl said...

Happy New Year, Issy!! I hope the new year is much better around your house. Hugs.