Tuesday, March 5, 2013

IT'S A GREAT LIFE (if you don't read forwards lol)

 There are days when I wonder why I am (not if I am lol) so neurotic...

The news did its part till I simply stopped watching it. No weather alert app either!

I'm decluttering (well, sort of - for me anyway). Love love LOVE my things, but
I'm far more discerning in regard to what stays and what's allowed in (well, mostly) :-)

Then the other day I discovered another culprit of anxiety - the 'warning' emails.
I know in my heart, mind and soul they are sent with the best of intentions - but
as I was weeding thru my emails I was amazed to see all the beware in my in-box! (I think I could hear Robbi the robot chanting 'danger Will Robinson, DANGER')***

Here are a few of my favorites as I was deleting my way thru them:
1) No lemon slices in my water/tea - worry over bacteria on the lemons
2) No sitting on any hotel bedspreads - when were they (ever) washed????
3) No handshaking with drivers - seems some pick nose when driving.
4) No touching the bottom of any purse! Could've sat on a public toilet floor.
5) No licking envelopes, and wipe all food cans! Rat poo in the glue & on cans.
6) No deodorants? (not going without, but now I worry, lol) possible carcinogen.
7) No longer do I chug a cold Coca Cola without thinking it removes toilet stains.
8) No more cling wrap in the microwave-causes seven kinds of cancer.
9) No using a public toilet - a big snake could be under the seat and bite my butt.
10) My favorite? If I don't tell at least 500,000 people all these things (via email forward) in 46.2 minutes a pigeon with diarrhea will hover over me at noon tomorrow afternoon and not only poo on me but also deposit the fleas from 120 alpachas on my body giving me Lyme disease.


Keep your toothbrush in the kitchen because email says
that toilet water splashes six feet from the toilet.
To be honest, some of what comes via email
in fact some of these above :-) are worth considering.
But for sure too much 'careful' can kill ya (from worry)
just as surely as not being careful will, lol
So tell me, what's you're favorite 'email-forwarded-be-careful' alert?


Tami said...

Right now what's making me cranky is the arsenic in rice thing. I don't do gluten so rice is my go to grain. I've cut way back on it but really...does it matter? That Secret deodorant I've been swiping all these years is gonna do me in before the rice will!

gracie said...

Thanks for the "warnings"... a long time ago I told myself not to worry so much and now I get through the day much happier. Love your blog....

The Weaver of Grass said...

I thought we got too many warnings here in the UK, but really your list goes way beyond what we get here. I refuse to listen to any of them - I eat healthily, live a healthy life style and that#s it. Don't give a lot of thought to it after that otherwise I would never sleep at night.

thefarmfiles said...

Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello. Also thanks for your encouraging words! I am so glad you left a comment, because now I know about you! Looking forward to taking a look around!


Sue, the Florida Farm Girl said...

Makes you wonder how we survived to be this age, huh? Ignore most of those "warnings" and use common sense, which you have in spades. Besides, we aren't going to to get out of this world alive anyway.

Bovey Belle said...

No. 10 floored me for good! And the "just in" one . . . I am about to go clean my teeth too!

If you want to do without deodorants, use a slice of lemon instead. IT WORKS! I have been using it for years.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

You have a great sense of humor and I really appreciate that!
Glad you find my recipe blog to be informative. My true goal is sharing but seems more to be self-serving. At least, I know where my favorite recipes are and that someone else is enjoying them! The egg thing really is awesome, isn't it? Thanks for sharing,Issy!