Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cart Riding Cart Hanging Spouses?!

I've been madly sorting, ledgering, editing pictures and doing last sweep
organizing as I near bringing the Old Girls' BARN Etsy Shop
into a state of actual 'being'
(vs my ongoing threatening gestures toward its grand opening, lol)
Amid the organizing I discovered some inexpensive yet useful
rolling cart canvas drawers.
Perfect aside from my needing to assemble them
with the included tool!(as the boxes cheerfully proclaimed.....)
Truth be told, they were easier than some
I've put together over the years.
But these gave me an honest to goodness out loud laugh
when I glanced at the instructions
(you know after I had the first one together and had a piece left - oops) .
If you haven't read the directions in the pic abovedo so now...
Yep, I just HAD to take a pic and share it all with you :-)
**And of course warn you about those troublesome spouses!**
(who knew they exhibit such zany behavior)?
(who knew it happened so often
 - apparently -
as to warrant an actual printed  warning ?!!??
Just too funny
There's lost in the translation
There's confused translation
Then there's the
in a translation, lol


rusty duck said...

Ha! I always knew spouses were trouble..

It's been so interesting to read back to some of your older posts about how you came by the farmhouse. It is great fun rescuing an old place, but hard work too as I am learning from bitter experience!

thefarmfiles said...

Too funny! Thanks for laugh. I'm jealous of your organization.

Hope you have a good weekend.


Florida Farm Girl said...

Kids and pets, maybe. Spouses???? Huh?

John Gray said...

Hello from Trelawnyd in north Wales x