Monday, November 11, 2013

With Thanks, With Respect Vetrans Day

I knew many who served in Vietnam. I knew many who served in WWII and Korea. I know some who have and continue to serve in the current wars. I have know some who have given the unimaginable ~ their very life & with that sacrifice, part of the hearts of those who loved them was also lost.  I have and do know of some who lived/live on with physical wounds from the wars. Some who lived/live with 'invisible' wounds from the visions and sounds they can never escape, etched on their minds forever.

We each have our own view of the worth, the value of war. The politics, the outcome aside there are two things I believe:

* These men and women and their families and friends set their own safety and happiness aside for a greater good. Agree or not with the action or war, location or outcome the decision to give your all for the betterment of something beside yourself is IMO impressive. I couldn't do it. I respect, greatly, such self sacrifice.

*I am certain that in the course of all the wars/actions/intercessions pursued by our military there have been and are circumstances (perhaps some we will never know of) that the freedoms we have in this country were protected from those who would have taken them without those who stood, fought, suffered, died, were forever changed to prevent, to protect these freedoms. Choices. Liberty.

We can agree or disagree on any given war, any aspect of military or the cost. But what I hope every veterans day is that each of us will if not honor, at the very least we will respect the courage, conviction, and sacrifice of the past and current military who give more than most of us will, would or could.

Speaking for myself, I thank each and every one of you who serve for choosing, giving, living thru and perhaps even dying for the belief in the country, the greater good. Thank you indeed.


gracie said...

Well said....

Kim said...

Yes, I agree. Well said.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I agree with what you say - it is so important to remember.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Hear! Hear!!! So many folks all through our countryside seem to forget that there's a bigger picture than just themselves. We all fall into that slot sometimes, but it's helpful to be reminded.