Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sentimental Sunday 1

Monday - Saturday way into the night are (mostly)  madly busy (sometimes) insane-paced. I try to pause for a minute or two every Sunday before the week begins anew, before the month relinquishes another quarter of itself to stop, to think, to consider something close to my heart, something of joy.....  It may be a picture. A quote. A story. It may be old, or new or repeat from time to time  - but it's what will be my heartsong come Monday morning.

The bills, the commitments, the 'lists', the goals each demand every day. And while progress is a wonderful thing, there needs to be a moment (or two) of joy - because without it what IS the point? 

Here's this weeks (and my first shared) Sentimental Sunday

I've always thought of windows that view the green
as a joint endeavor of nature and man. She creates the ever changing beauty
and we create the portals to (at any time we like) enjoy her work...
Issy 8/2015

What's your joy for the week?

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